15 January, 2008

Just like any kid with great creativity, I had bunch of dreams when I was a child. When I look back my life, I figured out many have been fulfilled. Yeah, it is true that I had so many dreams, I know these are only few.
1. Studying in the US – I did it.
2. Studying in UK – I did it.
3. Become double-handed like Leonardo da Vinci – I made it.
4. Visit France – I did it.
5. Visit Weimar – I made it.
6. Open a Swiss bank account – I have one.
7. Travel around the world – I did it on my ran a way from the US.
8. Learn German – It happened to me. Not enough to understand Goethe's writings though.
9. Have a life more than a movie – It happened as I was followed by DOD and NSA.
10. Become a good artist – I know how to draw cartoons at least.
11. Become a poet – I think I am a poet of some kind.
12. Work like a government agent – Not really wanted to become, but I was thought so. Yeah, this one was possible dream than becoming a Ninja...
13. Lean how to do programming – Yeah, I know how to do it. Java, C, C++, HTML would be enough for not in comp. Industry.
14. Live in Silicon Valley – I lived there for 8 years.
15. Eat Aussie Steak in Australia – I ate steaks every Sunday when I lived in South Australia.
16. Own a Rolex – I have a good one for my whole life.
17. Eat Swiss cheese in Switzerland – I'm doing this at least when I make sandwiches.
18. Eat Fish&Chips in England – My favorite fish&chips restaurant is the one on the Brighton Pear.
19. Learn how to use hand gun – my favorite is S&W .38 Special
20. Learn how to do archery – I took archery class at DeAnza.
21. Have a life more greater than Lord Byron – I became a possible first Japanese refugee in Switzerland, and put some countries involved in my gang stalking (NSA) problem in the US. (Yeah, I must apologize Japanese ex-PM Abe for this one...)
22. Get close to a celebrity – My first kiss with a woman was with Malanie Doutey, the famous movie actress!!! She was my room mate when I lived in England! (tell her that I still keep her pirate ship drawing in my Japanese home)
23. Get the whole world in one hand – Yeah, I did it. Ask the US agents for what I really did after midnight on the day I supposed to go back to Japan.

Alright, these are enough. Now is about what I left to fulfill.
1. Study in France
2. Get a vacation home in Southern France
3. Study Anthroposophy
4. Become a good poet in German language
5. Eat Mangongonut (this is a new dream after I studied anthropology.)
6. Talk to Bundeskanzlerin Merkel
7. Talk to ex-president Micheline Calmy-Rey
8. Eat fondue in Switzerland
9. Learn how to use and create sling
10. Master Latin
11. Visit Vatican City
12. Talk to the Pope.
13. Master Egyptian Hieroglyph
14. Master Coptic
15. Master Cuneiform
16. Master German
17. Master French
18. Master Spanish
19. Get my own company
20. Create the best A.I. Program

And these are I have done and not was in my wish list.
1. Learn about the truth of 911
2. Learn about the reality of the United States and its secrete government
3. Meet Jesus Christ – Good thing is he just told me to walk with him. It's better than what he asked to Mother Theressa.
4. Become a refugee
5. Become an exile from my own country
6. Become one of America's Most Wanted figures
7. Become a TI and study them