08 January, 2008

Social Science and Social Influence

When I was studying social science disciple classes including anthropology ones, I did not mention how the books and thoughts are partial of the whole knowledge studied by the governments. It is like, we have seen the issue before somewhere like in entertainment industries and enjoyed them as a good imagination for some fun.
When I was a kid, I used to love horror and action movies. I was a big fun of SFX horror stuffs and was collecting horror movie leaflets and other stuffs to know about the technologies. One of the Indiana Jones' huge cliff background was drawn by a Japanese artist. The doggy-monster transforming stuff in “The Thing” was actually a type of robot. Yeah, I was studying these things when I was a kid..
After I experienced kidnapping attempt by the SJSU people and the imprisonment meeting with CIA people, I got completely different opinion about what I have studied in social science and what we watch as entertainment for horror and action movies. We well know about MIB because it is a famous movie name. We have bunch of JFK films and books about the FBI involvement. Then, thinking about “The X-files” and “24,” I got the best conclusion. They let us know the truth in the form of entertainment or at least with some tast of fiction. This type of exposure is often used in academic and mass media also. What the common folks do not get is the reality behind the article or the story. Do you know why Foreign Affair Magazine is important and a “must-read” for political scientists? It contains the future aim and aspect of American foreign policy. It also shows who is related with who and the writers political interests.
When I look back what I studied in each of social science field, I figured out the reality behind of these disciples. Psychology did not studied people with the guarantee for informed consent, but rather exploited the prisoners and patients. Dr. Cameron is one of the guy I am talking about here. Then we think about Anthropology, what do we have for black anthropology? CIA working with natives for future recruitments? How about that famous Yanomami scandal? While I was imprisoned in El Camino Hospital, they did pretty much human experiments. How about my DNA samples they secretly kept for some US interest purpose? Are they making clone people like I saw in some of later X-file episodes? If the real MIB are the hired informants of the government and able to change their identities for security purpose, what they are doing in our society must give some significant social impacts. However, none of social scientists ever studied about MIB. Dr. Chomsky reminded me the reality behind of gang stalking. Gee, if I knew what he was planning to write for his latest book, I would have write a better letter to him... It was cool receiving replies from such a famous and someone I really admire ones' works. (In Dr. Gonzalez's Anth 131, I made a poster about Dr. Chomsky's Lingusitcs works. If they did not throw my poster away, it should be in WSQ4 or back storing room.. They probably destroyed everything as well as the stuffs in my Pavona Apartment though.) Anthropologists talking about McCarthyism and FBI investigation? That's how they explain what really happened to them and everything was now under control by them.
Then, who is really talking about the truth of our society? We must have some regulations for trustworthy resources. If we could know the writers' MACH-IV test results, we might get better understanding of their articles and thesis. I think MACH-IV will work pretty well for intellectuals' obsession for their own profits more than ethics. Good thing AAA does not have ethical codes for anthropologists.