02 January, 2008

Prosit Neujahr!!

Today is for the Virgin Mary. Probably Japanese folks pay visit to the local Shinto shrines. Since I was converted to Christianity, I stopped doing so. I was living in the US for a while, and I did not have much opportunity for that. But I did not do it last year while I was in Japan.

It is so amazing that I ended up living in the center of the Europe. How could I predict this happen? What I learned was the warning from Virgin Mary last year and memorize rosary prayer in Latin. It saved me. It kept me sane as “voice to skull” could not work effectively while I was praying rosary. It's pretty cool to experience miracles and get enough satisfaction that the enemies of religious people are going to hell after their death. People may conquer the secret of brain works, but they cannot study beyond death. Science maybe a devil's work. The secret of creation is God's ability as it is written in the Bible. No human being can able to create another Earth or change a metal to a gold nugget.

I still have problem memorising latin rosary prayer. I know this is what I must have done for this year. The Virgin Mary told me to memorise them so I do not have to look up some words in the piece of paper.

I must overcome the seven deadly sins. I have been quite lazy these days. Now I have a life like St. Clara, and have enough time to study what I want to study. There are some on-line colleges to take Bible study courses, I might have chance to check out some, even though the gang stalkers are preventing me to get information from the on-line universities.

St. John of the Cross taught me how to stay with Jesus and the Virgin Mary. Now what I have to do is to keep my faith out of deception.