31 December, 2007

11 Reasons why I was attracted to Catholicism.

1. Our Lady of Guadalupe is my protector, and my Lady.
2. The Virgin Mary supported me from San Jose, CA to here in Switzerland. I have stayed in places where her figures are displayed and I found shelters in catholic churches.
3. The Virgin Mary gave me an opportunity to see miracles in my life. She showed me what to follow and warned me everything ahead. It was just amazing that before my second trip to San Jose, she told me, “it is my faith in her that would keep me sane.” And it happened to be so with almost 24 hour V2K.
4. Rosary prayer was very effective to overcome V2K harassment. DOD was working on “direct hearing” electronic harassment to try to make me insane. However, by praying rosary, I could focus my mind on the prayers. While I was in Germany, I prayed Ave Maria for whole day to avoid hearing voices. That actually made me immune to V2K persuasions.
5. There are many martyrs as the ideal examples. We have enough models for almost every situation of the follower.
6. Praying to the saints actually worked. I learned about St. Frances of Assisi and St. John of the Cross at the Sophian Gnositic church in Palo Alto, CA. However, I learned that they were catholics. If they are thought as holy from what they believed, then it is better to learn what they were preaching. When I asked St. Frances of Assisi to protect my journey, I made my life safe in Europe and find a shelter in Switzerland. Now, I am trying to follow the life like St. Clara did.
7. Previous Pope John Paul II helped me to learn Catholicism in my spiritual struggle. My connection with Catholicism started in two places; Mission Santa Cruz and Mission Camel. In Mission Camel, I prayed at the Our Lady of Bethlehem statue, where Pope John Paul II made his private prayer in his trip to California Missions. While I was running away from American gang stalkers, I made pilgrimage to CA Missions. I saw some pictures of John Paul II in several Missions. It also happened in Lourdes, France. Now, I believe his holiness more than just he was the pope.
8. Mary Magdalene is thought as the tower of strength. As the Bible says, Catholics value Jesus' intention of stressing her role in his life and his teaching.
9. In France, the Mary Magdalene related church I visited was a Catholic one. I never thought that they have catholic church with her name on it. When I wrote down my wish to visit France was to see Mary Magdalene's place. I was thinking about the Gnostic one in southern France, but the one I visited in Paris was Catholic one.
10. I have lots of things to learn in Catholicism, and we have living role models working in Vatican City. We can find e-texts and mp3 preaches for Catholics quite easily because its the most historical Christianity.
11. The Virgin Mary asked me to send my Gnostic books home. I brought bunch of Catholic books including “Catholic Manual” from California. If she say so, I better follow that to avoid any problem in future.