16 January, 2008

So, George W. Bush visited Jerusalem.

I have read articles about George W. Bush visiting Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and Gaza.
It's just amazing how he visited Bethlehem after I mentioned about Virgin Mary in this blog. Well, it could be just a coincidence. Last time I noticed was the day after I read an article about how returned US solders from Iraq are suffering because of the health care problem. The next day, I found an article that the US president decided to improve health care system for military workers.

About the Gaza, all I can say is that history repeats, and people make same mistake again and again. Jewish elders might commit crime of sending Jesus to be crucified as it is written in the Bible. Then, Jews have been targeted for racial discrimination and the most significant one was Holocaust. Now, Palestinians are suffering from Jewish occupation.
I hope Jews respect what is written in Torah and Talmud. “Love your neighbors.”
Indeed, human beings are sinful animals.