17 January, 2008

I contacted a lawer (again).

This time is about Kanton Polizei and the investigaters in my heim. They are working on COINTELPRO. One of them told me that she is an Italian, and she told me that how they are working together for "control."

Vandalism and destroying rosary are what they are doing. And mobbing for harassing the target. I don't know if they are really working like Stasi Polizei during Nazis regine. Yeah, Americans imported Nazis scientists and scholors under "Paper crip project," and their technologies are spread to the world by FBI and CIA in the name of training the local cops.

Well, guess what? I am still working for the activism here!

One of the cause for terrorism is POVERTY! And what is going on in the US and other nations? More social divide - richs get richer and poor gets poorer. Who is really spreading the cause of the terrorism? MNCs and other government policies focused on the national interest of the United States more than their own nations!!!!