30 December, 2014

Organized Stalkers Around Me - December 30th, 2014

Belgrade is a quiet city with some small events here and there. I bought an external DVD-ROM writer yesterday. It was pretty hard to find in the small PC shops in Zagreb. I could find one in HGSPOT but never had the chance to go there when I was in Zagreb. So, I can burn DVD about the German cars from 2013 in one package. I can sell it if anyone wants it to buy the record. Maybe, I should add the story of how I was stalked for 2 years like the Anne Frank Diary to make it fun more than just the bunch of German car list. I might be selling these DVDs in front of Anne Frank in Amsterdam or the synagorge area such as the one in Budapest. Maybe 15-20€ for one DVD copy. What do you think? It's a good investiment for 4090SRD DVD-ROM writer?

Here is today's German car.

I saw 2 Asians today in the city center. Not so many Asians here.

I was taking 75 bus but today, I couldn't find the bus stop. It was across McDonalds and I used it two times already. And this time, the bus didn't show up. How come? I took 77 and went to the shopping mall stop and there I found 75 sign.

I'm moving to another place in Belgrade tomorrow, so it's not this far away from the city center and should have more people around. It's safe to be in the area with crowds. The V2K perps say that the spot I'm heading would be owned by Chinese and there would be some Chinese raid with Japanese who is helping their gang stalkers' investigation. The V2K perps warned me that they might try to rape me so that I might have a child and that would be the sign of prostitute or something and also good for increasing Japanese population. You know, that's all about the male view of how they could do all the covert work for making someone up to be a prostitute.

Here is the video.


Ruth Heinzelmann said...

Jane, they also made me frightened to get raped although I am 47 years old. I was told, I need an antidote for every problem which I think might work. I decided to buy a whistle. They stopped to make me fear with that. But it depends where you are. In the places where I live, a whistle would protect me and would made the men escape.

Which of the several Janes Bauers in Facebook do I have to select to get in contact - I have very less experience with Facebook?

Selling DVDs with German cars where you can see the number plates would be very difficult in Germany; it is against our laws, although I can understand your wish, because they gangstalk me with cars, also.

All the best for 2015
Ruth Heinzelmann

JB said...

Thanks for the information that it's against your country's law. But could you clarify which article telling that as illegal? I thought it was fine just like how Stasi list is provided and shared with names and addresses recorded and shared.