22 April, 2016

Gang Stalking Analysis - What is gang stalkers' sensitization?

An example video about the sensitization process of a Targeted Individual. You can see how the black Jack Wolfskin jacket woman and a man showed up to make me notice about it. I have the black Jack Wolfskin jacket for my own. So, you see how it works. Oh, she/he got one similar to mine. Then few more same jacket sighting on the same day to make me aware of looking for the next one in the city. No other color Jack Wolfskin jackets around. If I saw another color, I filmed it already.

And tattoo for the sensitization as well. Chinese character tattoos are rare and I can read it to get the meaning. Also the Shin noodle Chinese character logo to make me feel like "oh, here is another Chinese character I saw today" to wonder about seeking another one for the clue. How many of them or something. It could be yellow cars or FBI logo caps.

By the way, I'm sensitized to German cars because I encounter German cars everyday for four years.