18 April, 2016

Organized Stalkers Around Me - April 17th, 2016

This is from today. Normal Zagreb cathedral visit but I felt like I should be standing instead of sitting at the bench because I'm "colored." What's going on in the church since yesterday? I don't know, but I feel like so. But it's better than at Savski Gaj where half of the Sunday mass visitors did not take communion and the church was full. I guess, I might need to visit a small church for safety from the thieves. No no-moving from the bench line to make the rest to be skipped at the communion. I walked to the entrance area to line up there. I learned enough from the observation.

I saw the nose bandaged woman again.

After the mass, I saw a hijab woman walking across the cathedral. I filmed her and taunted her.

Then I saw more Muslims in the city.

I ended up eating grilled pork and used the fat to wipe the benches around and even touched one Muslim woman with the pork!!! Yeee. I'm gonna gone crazy seeing too many Muslims around me.

But it was fun with pork on my hand and hitting a Muslim woman walking. They don't know what touched them, hee hee hee.

Muslims often show up around the day I would leave the place. I'm staying few more days in Zagreb. Everything went worse in the city, yet I can share the bad things in other city for help and even on Trip Advisor or other travel site for help.