25 April, 2016

BitCasa dying and I need extra time for moving files.

I have less than 200GB file backed up to BitCasa and now I need to move them to another crowd. The funny thing is that some files are deleted or edited by the secret police. Some files went missing when the room invasion occurred. At least, I know where such room invasion happened at night. Ravenice Hostel, Road House, Youth Hostel, Hostel 36 Rooms? in Berlin, Hostel Lemon in Denovici, etc. I can list these dangerous places I stayed as the warning for other TIs not to stay there.

Well, I've heard the perps also did the damage on my documents for the vandalism. So, I need to review what was damaged. As far as I know, my diary got missing days for deleting the information. That happened before.

I can post things but it does not really make money to me and I have to put a price on what I write to make it productive and producing something to me. Well, at least, I can tell I might be able to finish few books by this week and even try to get help in the area with more neutral people around.

I'm heading to Vienna tomorrow. The V2K perps told me that they gonna invade my room and they said they have the plan. So, I need to check out what would happen.