21 April, 2016

Organized Stalkers Around Me - April 20th, 2016 part 1

I moved to Budapest from Zagreb yesterday. You can see Muslim terrorist supporters at the bus station. I saw one eye patched woman for the gang stalking skit and shouted to her. Then I encountered a masked guy at a cafe. At the first floor waiting spot, I saw a man in mask sat next to me and an eye patched man approached to the waiting area. The same area instead of the other spots. Then I saw few more eye patched and masked people while I was waiting for the bus.
The bus driver asked me "one person or two person" for the luggage and then he charged me 5€ and he was speaking in German instead. Why German? Well, there are about 10 or more Asians in the bus and one more was a Japanese. The Japanese guy sat in front of me and I insulted him as he would be the possible thief. A typical gang stalking situation happened all day long. You see the Budapest section on the part 2.