19 April, 2016

Gang Stalking Analysis - Zagreb Cathedral

It used be a good place of worship of the Virgin Mary and Jesus. But now, there are tons of gang stalkers and people steal and damage bags and such. In the video, I explain 4 issues at the cathedral area.
  1. Asian trooping groups with one person wearing a mask for the masked militant among them skit.
  2. Asians surrounding an Asian target and the mass would delay for 1 hour at the evening mass.
  3. The bags and belongings would be stolen/damaged during the communion. Also, the gang stalkers would stand up and don't move from their benches while others stand along the aisle to receive the holy bread from multiple priests walking on the aisle. 
  4. The church clerks participate in the gang stalking. They could put off the candles right after the target lit one. Also, the yellow Star of David hand made accessory on a girl's head video. She sat with some others and a man looking at the bench from the side all the time.