09 March, 2008

I found a lawyer, and a translator, now what?

I guess the best lawyer for gang stalking issue would be someone who are specialized in Konflikt. Fortunately, the member of the bar association gave me a right lawyer for the situation. I do not know how this will be.. I hope it is not just a waste of time and money to create another struggle. Well, I met new people and learned new things like the specialization of lawyers and translator's guide, etc.

I have been surrounded by the gang stalkers, but what they can do is just harass me with psychological abuse techniques. Nullfy - propbably this is what they are planning to do through my language barriarh and a stranger in a new area. What I can do is to make myself more visible in the locals as well as who really am and was. They are claiming too many things just like high school level kids do to harass a weak one in the classroom. If someone is a criminal, then how the same person can be a pedophilia or sex-offender? It is quite possible that if the person would have lower IQ and cannot keep his desire under control. Well, it sounds more likely that this type of people are seen in the gang stalking members. Well, I hope the people in the library know how to use scientific calculators than just showing them off on the table for few hours. The picture is the 阪神タイガース T-shirt anchoring by the gang stalkers in the Kanton Bibliotek. How often see these T-shirt on the same spot the one sat for few days?? The gang stalkers should work on the statistics for the possibility of such event happens in just a coincidence.