04 March, 2008

I don't know why they knew where I was and start harassing me at the train station. This time, another two young women joined the gang stalking. One woman tried to walk on conversation with the Somalian Guy talking about why I have to go to hospital. She sat on the bench right after I started using Internet, so it would be her she called the Somalian Guy and others for their street theater. Then, the “One Bottle” name calling was going on at the Bahnhof. The Dyed Hair Guy joined also. Later, another woman worked on persuading me for not filming the Somalian Guy and others. Well, if I did not do so, how could I prove their stalking and mobbing? I was at the train station and they had nothing to do there. They were just hanging around of me. If they are taking train or something they are doing at there, I would not have to film them at all.

Because of the way the woman persuaded, I figured out she was also the member of gang stalkers. First, she persuaded me not to film it or the police might lock me up – this was exactly what the Italian Mafia Woman and others saying at the refugee residence. Then, she kept explaining me why I should not film them.

Ok, check the film out. When the Somalian Guy came, he said that he will kill me. Well, isn't it enough to make you record the conversation?? Then he started talking with a woman sit on the bench that how he saw me taking pictures of children. Indeed, I was filming the evidence of how the gang stalkers try to put kids in front of me. For example, when the Eritrean group showed up at the bus stop, the woman moved the baby cart in front of me. At the kitchen in the refugee residence, when I was eating at the table, the residents often sit with the kids in front of me. I filmed the process of how someone put children in front of me so that they can claim me sitting in front of kids instead. Later, the Somalian Man asked me to have sex with him, which I ignored. In the film, you can see my statement of asking them to go away because they are wasting my time for research.

This is an evidence of Mobbing, Stalking, and death threat by the gang stalker. If you here someone "I kill you," do you consider about spreading the person's identity as a violation of portrait?? I brought it to the earlier problem to the lawyer becasue the local police is backing up them. I hope this is a type of crime prevention since other people can be aware of becoming the another victim in future.