23 March, 2008

Kanton Polizei in Aarau.

First time I visited there was on last Friday, March 15th 2008. It was the day the Guinean orange hair man hit me backpack from behind and caused damage on my PC frame and PC card slot area. The Japanese translator said that I would better visit there when Aarau Stadt Polizei said so. But until that time, I was not sure if they are really neutral and I can visit there safely. I have been hearing people talking about how police are involved in covert operation. I heard it at Caritas German lesson and from the mouth of the manager, Mr. Kunz, also.

So, on last Friday, I showed the officer at the counter several pictures of the residents and their activities as well as the damage of my PC. She told me to wait there. Then another officer, Mr. Finsterwald, came and we went into the hallway. It was at the hallway he and I talked for awhile. I showed him the pictures of the residents like the Italian speaking woman trying to throw a chair at me. Mr. Finsterwald said that I must talk to the manager of the refugee residence first and said that he cannot file or make a report for the incident. I told him if I could get a reference number for the case, then he just said that I need to talk with the manager. Somehow he knew about Mr. Kunz and said that he would talk to Mr. Kunz and the ex-manager would be in the office next Monday. Somewhat he also knew about my appointment with the lawyer and he also said that I could discuss with the lawyer and the translator.

On Monday, I met with the translator who told me how she got information about refugee status from her Tibetan friend. Well, because of the last few days crisis, I was not really in the state to think critically. It was just only one example from a refugee but the translator told me as if that is the norm for the refugees. From her talking, it is normal for Kanton Polizei to search rooms and they can just kick the door of the room and can search the room even at midnight. That is what she told me as a case for St. Gallen. I do not know about other places. The refugee center at the Chiasso, they searched rooms almost everyday while people were cleaning the rooms. So far, she told me that the refugees will not have a key for the residence. Then I wonder why some residents here have keys.

The lawyer told me that the police should file the case. Then he told me that I can visit there to file it as the first choice. I forgot to ask him about Article 25 violation, but I guess I can do it with my evidences anytime I want.

Then, the translator and I visited the Kanton Polizei and talked with Ms. Morena in a room in the first floor. At that time, the translator helped me. I filled out two forms and signed two pages. Then she told me not to share that I made a report on them as they might work on revenge. She also said that they cannot protect me once I leave the police station. Well, I guess it does not make sense sharing this information by now. It is already one week, and Abukar and Hara Alpha are still harassing me at the train station. Some residents and neighbors also came right after they finished their harassment. If something happens, then I guess it is better to share this information with others so that everyone can see how Kanton Polizei is handling the case.

I think sharing this is good to keep myself away from the residents´ mental ill claim against me. One person cannot be either mentally ill or a victim. From learning through the cult techniques, I think I can explain how gang stalkers use cult techniques. I wonder if the techniques are legal in Switzerland or not. In Basel, the Scientology got problem using their technique for recruiting new members. What if the community is using the same technique to falsely claim a person to
accuse either criminal or mentally ill? That is what I have learned.

The residents and neighbors have been talking about police. But they did not even help me to call police when my room is vandalized. If this is a lunatic citizen watch group, then I can show them what is the real crime is. Abuse of power, abuse of authority, emotional abuses are types of crimes. They believe what they are doing right while committing crimes.

I just keep collecting data as I am a social scientist. I lost my ethics code since I learned how social scientists including the anthropologists are making up the result in the favor of the Big Brothers. I am purely focused on the subject which I study. Let´s see if the local police is involved in this gang stalking cult or not. Objectivity is always necessary for beter scientific research, you know.


Unknown said...

The keywords to assist victims research the topic.
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A Parallel government system is that:
Nowadays, Gestapo are not able to imprison people directly, but they have no problem to send you into mental hospital indirectly. They might be a teacher in school, who torture student in class, and split the target person’s mind, create campus shooting, but they are paid by doing these kind of things.
career stalker
Career stalkers threat the target, create psycho attack, such panic attack, anxiety attack. Psychiatry lies to the target, poison the target, try to make the target overdoes, heard attack, or lead to the target suicide.

psychiatry lier, function as a judge to decide if the target should be punished, how hard it should be, even death.

mental hospital function as prison, no human right prison which much more worse than official prison. Victims become a lived test body to tryout their new medical or poisons, just like mice.

Also include some politics, some polices, some government officers.

Overdoes is not murder, Heart attack is not murder, suicide is not murder, killed by police is not murder. All these are the way they kill people.There might be much more way of torturing, killing, murder in the mental hospital. All their target couldn’t sue, couldn’t get protected from police because he/she was been labeled as a mentally illness. By the way, please search 'NLP anchor' and Psychtruth on the youtube. Be aware, don't not overdoes even psychiatry imply that. A typical sentence their say would be:" We usually suggest double does if there is no side effect appeared." Be extremely careful when he say "WE" instead of "I". If you were traumatized, you are very sensitive

and easy to be influenced be other suggestion. That's why and how there are so much overdoes cases.
Most dangerous, is that the potential of heart attack, created by the combined effecting of fear and side effect of

medical, which can be easily triggered by a stalker. Murder you with zero evidence.
Be careful next time police ask you to show you ID or passport. They can shoot you legally if you put your hand in to your pocket, bag or somewhere. Do you remember the guy who was tasered to death in the Vancouver airport? Evil, isn't it?

Horrible! Breathless!

Please watch the CCHR DVD.

JB said...

I was almost assassinated in El Camno Hospital, Mountain View, CA.
If you watch the video about Dr. English-Lueck and Sgt. John Laws conversation, you see how I could prove everything including the anthropologists working on CIA and legal raping and murder of students.