15 March, 2008

The damages of what the Dyed Hair Guy and the Somalian Guy did.

Yesterday night, someone banged the room window and the screen was damaged. Well, it is a property of the Switzerland or the Kanton Aargau, so I guess it is their problem and the damage that they have to pay from the people's tax to repair it. At least, I tried to talk with the chef who was not in the management office, the substitutes of the chef, Aarau Stadt Polizei officers in the Aarau Stadt Polizei building, the free lawyer at the HEK who said they cannot do anything.

This morning, the Dyed Hair Guy was shouting "One Bottle" from his room in the Casa Torfeld II. I visited Casa Torfeld II for collecting their identity to talk with a lawyer next week. While I was on the hall way of the first floor, the Somalian Guy and the Dyed Hair Guy showed up and said get out. Well, I just took the pictures of their name tags next to the room doors for better explanation with the lawyer. If the manager showed up in the managers office of Casa Torfeld I yesterday, I would just ask him or her (I don't even see the new chef yet!) to give me the name of the Somalian man and the man with dyed hair who moved to Casa Torfeld II from Casa Torfeld I. I did it this morning since day time seemed better.

When I was leaving the hallway, someone threw an empty pet bottle to my head, so I threw it back to the Somalian Guy on the fallway aiming the ground for warning to keep away. Then I opened the door to the entrance and the Dyed Hair Guy kicked me backpack.

When I went to the Aarau Bahnhof for Internet connection, I found the damage on my PC frame. Well, at least what they have done made a real visible physical damage this time.

I post the identity of the Dyed Hair Guy and the picutre of my PC here. If you watch my video at the library yesterday, you might see my PC not damaged. It would be good to have some evidences to show what are actually going on.

I have to survive two more days at the room with no key to talk with a lawyer or someone in the manager's room.

Aarau Polizei? They did not give me the Aarau Kanton Polizei office because the officer prefered to hear the question in German. How many people who need to visit a police building are calm enough to speak in foreign language? At least, the officer Wolxxxxx, the one I met at the first visit, could explain me I should visit Kanton Polizei and the hours of operation in English.

If something happens to me, you know who is responsible. I tried to share the information first with police and they asked me to visit another one, who might be working on covert operation on me.

If police are concerned about the crimes of foreigners, I wonder why they cannot do anything who are working on mobbing and stalking like gangs. For the police officers, are the criminals really foreigners? I feel like the Italian, German, or French speaking people claiming as refugees seem to have much tendency on the criminal behaviors.