23 March, 2008

Cult Recruit Techniques

Cult recruit:
1. Cults can be any type of organization such as a Bible study group to a NGO.
2. Cults works on love bombing and free stuffs for recruitment.
3. Give the target less time to think.
4. Isolation from each other and surrounded by the cult members. Then the members will give a thought reform to the target.
5. Control the target´s behavior and give less sleep and time to think alone.
6. Control the target´s emotion by giving him sense of guilt or shame, and give him fears.
7/ Control the information flows.
8. Isolation -> Attacking self -> Mental Break Down -> Spiritual Awakening
9. Chanting, self-hypnosis, repetitive action, etc.
10. Encourage dependency and conformity, and discourage autonomy and individuality.
11. Reconstructing the past.
12. Tightening group tie by punishing scapegoats and outsiders.

This is my summary of the YouTube film, “Mind Control Made Easy or How to Become a Cult Leader” by Carey Burtt. I saw this film first time in Dr. Gonzalez´s class. Well, it sounds like the people watching this film that time was actually recruited into the cult club. I have seen someone married with another cult leader who was or still is teaching how to seduce women.

When I was checking these cult related materials, I noticed the similarities of gang stalkers and cult members. They defend themselves or their organization in the same way cult members protect themselves. If I have enough time, I would like to work on this issue.

Because of V2K I got in San Jose, I went through pretty much of similar process. In my case, I always tried to pray for the Virgin Mary instead of listening to what they say. I don´t know how much self-hypnosis I went through by praying rosary or reading the Bible, but I guess it did not change my behavior pretty much. In isolation and in meditation, the past saints found their way to connect oneself with the God. Cults are trying to use the same technique to program the target to think in the same way as they are. If the cult technique is used by the individual, then it would be the way how to be spiritual. What makes me sick about cults are they worship something less important and less glorious without being aware of how much it will cost from their lives like thier life, time, freedom, individual thoughts, money, property, etc. Jesus did not even had a church or asked to build a church by gathering money from others. The Virgin Mary sometimes asked to do so in several places around the world, but she did not demand more than buildings where people can come and pray. Cults leaders ask more and demand more to keep the members oppressed. I would rather stick to what the Virgin Mary teaches me since it always get the best result. I am not hearing voices or anything, but I trust my intuition and pray for her that I am doing the right thing.

People would be broke down the process that I went through. Indeed, I was becoming a priesthood and I was well prepared for such spiritual trial to go through by my own.