01 March, 2008

Is there English Biblical Study going on???

The below ad was posted on the entrance of my refugee residence on one day. I don't know who made it but I know someone who had a broken rosary on the last Xmas. If you live in Aarau, you can check it out for there is really a meeting like this available. The gang stalkers are just working on lies and manipulating others to believe their target is a criminal, mentally ill, pedophilia, sex-offender, etc. I was just an international student wanted to study various fields like social science and engineering. And I have no idea why I have been targeted by the local people here in Buchs... What I have seen is lies from the people around me. Because almost everyone is trying to work on psychological abuse, I need to share these information to clarify myself.
And check out the film below, it was one of the Eritrean resident who had the rosary on just Xmas Eve and Xmas last year. I pray rosary and the perps around me have been using it as a tool of psychological operation. I do not believe gang stalkers who do not mind cutting the crucifix in half and wearing it on the Christmas a faithful Christian! What I do not like is the way how they mimic my lifestyles and try to twist my statement around.

Remember: this posting is about past event. The ad was not there recently.