03 March, 2008

No chef today yet – there was a substitute in the manager's office

Today, I could talk to someone in the manager's office. I talked about the mobbing and vandalism happened in last week. He told me that the chef is on vacation for next week, a bad sign isn't it? Last time I heard that at SJSU police department was just before I was transported to Santa Clara Valley Medical Center by Sgt. John Laws and another officer. Since the residents in the refugee residents have no punishment or penalty of the vandalism nor mobbing, I think it is better to share the information for my own security. I don't want them to claim me as crazy to send me to a hospital. Yeah, I learned it is quite possible as Dr. English-Lueck did so at SJSU. I don't understand why UN locates in the countries that people can work on mobbing and claim the victim as crazy to make the victim to become the scapegoat.
Well, he told me that it is impossible to have a key for the room doors. At least, that was what Kanton police recommended me when they came to my room. He also said that no one has the key for the closet. You know what? You will see someone having key in my video!!!
My guess is that not all the perps receive the entire information about the TI. They might be just tald what they have to do and their bosses may not give more information about what to be careful about. Thus, recording evidences is a good way for defending oneself.
If you are a TI, and hear about the vacation or holiday thing happens to whom they have to talk with, then it would be a bad sign for the TI's plan and could be a good sign to spot who is a possible perp.
I hope this information helps other TIs, as I am working on my own way to discover the social system of gang stalkers!
If someone having a room key is impossible, then my film is showing something like a miracle. Let's keep this interesting information here until I can get a good explanation from the new chef. They just want to take time for solving problem, but while doing so, I have to keep evidences and post it in public for my own security. William Blum's Killing Hope has a good part to quot from Guatemalan history.
To whom do you turn for help when the police are assaulting you? The old question. To whom does a poor banana republic turn when a CIA army is advancing upon its territory and CIA planes are overhead bombing the country?
The leaders of Guatemala tried everyone – the United Nations, the Organization of American States, other countries individually, the world press, even the United States itself, in the desperate hope that it was all a big misunderstanding, that in the end, reason would prevail (72-73).
I tried to contact with the old chef, then he said that it was neither my problem nor his problem if the state police is working something secret. I visited the local lawyers, they told me that they cannot help with my case and told me to contact with the manager of my refugee residence. And the refugee residence manager is now on vacation for unknown returning date. To whom should I contact while the residents are continuing mobbing and vandalism, and possibly the state police in covert operation? I am trying to contact with everyone – including you, the reader of this blog!
Work cited:
Blum, William. Killing Hope: U.S. Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II. Updated Edition. 2004.