16 March, 2008

I am staying hotel for my safety until tomorrow morning.

The Chronological orders of the incidents:
From the time I moved to the current residence to Sommer of 2007.
There were some residents sat on the chairs outside of my room window. Sometimes, I saw people wearing funny clothes like NYPD T-shirt.
October 29th 2007
About 10:30am, three police officers came to my room and did a complete search. While they were searching my room, I was kept in the strage next to the manager´s office. When I saw police officers at the door, I started filming them. They asked me to take out everything in my pocket. Later, they took photo copies of my credit card and the bank card at the manager´s office. Other residents were free to use kitchen and bathroom, and the police only searched my room.
October 22th 2007
When I visited Caritas for free German lecture and I was waiting at the entrance lobby, I saw a man with a picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe in the backpack. He put it in the backpack as if to showing it to me. I keep a picture in my backpack and I felt they were making fun of my behavior. When I asked him why he had that particular picture of the Virgin Mary, his friend came and tried to change the topic. Actually, his friend came to the Max´s German lesson and sat next to me.
October 29th 2007
I saw the same Eritorean man who had the picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe at the lobby of Caritas building, I asked him if he has the picture this time. Again his friends showed up one by one and tried to change the topic while I kept asking him why he had the picture in his backpack.
December 24th 2007
I saw a woman with rosary in the kitchen. When I asked her why she wore it, she tried to hide it.
There was a woman with a T-shirt logo, “A Head of Time,” using the kitchen. When I asked her if she lives in the residence, she did not answer me seriously.
While I was eating dinner at the kitchen table, the Somalian man sat next to me and started eating dinner with others. Later, I saw him and his friend sat few meters away at the out side of the train station.
December 25th 2007
I saw the same woman wearing a rosary, and again I asked her why she wore it. This time, the rosary had a crucifix cut in half. She did not even care about wearing such rosary on the Christmas Day. I have seen some cars with rosary hanged on the rear view mirror around the neighborhood. The use of rosary seemed to be started from San Jose, CA.
December 28th 2007
I saw the woman wearing “A Head of Time” T-shirt in the room 10, across from my room.
At the kitchen, I saw an elderly couple giving cookies to the residents and the man asked me where I am from. I replied him I am Japanese then he showed me a calender in Korean. Later at the kitchen, a non-resident woman was cutting vegetable and said that I look like Korean. It was very strange to see strangers individually hinting me for Korean for whatever the reason.
December 29th 2007
The “A Head of Time” woman was in the kitchen. When I put my pizza on the table, she asked another woman if it is hers and if she can cook pizza.
While I was eating dinner, the Somalian man showed up and sat at the kitchen table smoking a cigar. He asked me if I want to smoke it, I replied, “Smoking kills brain.” Since he and others showed up where I use Internet often, I asked him why he followed me to the train station. He could not answer and asked me to shut up. I told him he was drunk as he holds a beer can every time I see him. He said that he saw me drinking beer at the train station. If he is working as a police informant, then what he is telling is just lies. I have not drink any beer since I came to Switzerland at all. I have seen him and other people stalking me often dring beer during their surveillance.
December 30th 2007
I saw the man with dyed hair at the kitchen, and he started eating dinner next to me at the table. When we made an argument, he said that everyone in the residence have done something bad before.
January 7th 2008
I saw the woman with the boy with disability in the room 13 had a room key. Since I do not have a key for my room, I asked her why she has the room key. She could not answer.
January 10th 2008
There was a man who I have not seen before in the kitchen. He started cleaning. After he asked me the time, he started talking in German.
January 16th 2008
The man with dyed hair cam and saying “One Bottle” at the kitchen.
There are two residents at the kitchen eating next to me, and I asked them why they interrupted me my Internet research, the Italian speaking woman showed up and started to help them out from my questioning.
January 17th 2008
While I was in the Aarau city center, I saw the Italian speaking woman and the German speaking man pushing a baby cart from the behind. As the woman said herself as an Italian mafia, I asked her if she is so. She said that she is a detective and made a gesture of handcuffing by crossing her lists.
January 22nd 2008
I saw the man wearing Granhill Louisiana brushing his teeth at the restroom. He asked me what provider I use for my computer and told me that he has HP laptop.
I saw the “A Head of Time” logo woman in front of the manager´s office, I started filming her. Then she started talking to the people in the managers office, the manager and the policeman, that I was talking picture of her.
January 31st 2008
The man with dyed hair shouted me “one bottle” at the stairway.
February 3rd 2008
The man with dyed hair banged the screen of my room window and shouted “one bottle.”
February 20th 2008
I met a man asking me if I go to school. I saw him before at the lounge in the refugee residence. Also, it was not the first time he asked me if I go to school. Then other Eritrean people came and stayed near me at the in front of the post office. I have seen them working on gaslighting and surveillance.
The Italian speaking woman accused me of the mess in the toilet and said that I am not normal and mentioned about hospital. The Italian speaking woman and the man who had Louisiana logo sweatshirt before was in the lounge and they threatened me to call police because of the toilet mess. The woman called somewhere and the man gave a wrong address. Later, the man came to my room with an electronic driver and a light bulb and started talking to me. At that time, he bared the door with his left foot stepped into my room.
February 26th 2008
The dyed hair man tried to steal my food with other residents. Then Italian speaking woman was looking for her food and then the dyed hair man said he saw me stealing food. I have no idea how the man could explain the stealing without asking her the details of the food she is looking for.
February 28th 2008
There was a note posted at the entrance saying me to transfer to hospital. None of the residents seemed to say anything about the note.
The resident I saw near the post office actually visited the Kanton library.
When I went back, I saw my room light was on and saw my bed was turned upside down. I asked around the residents but they tried to ignore me. There must be a loud noise happened when someone did the mess in the room. The women living in the room 3 said they would call police. I mistook it as they said they were police as Italian speaking woman and others offen say about the others. When they showed me cellphone, I asked them to call police but they did not. No one in the hallway helped me to call police although many has cell phone. At the lounge, Italian speaking woman tried to throw a chair to me and saying shut up. While this happened others in the lounge cheered the woman. The Somalian man was at the entrance. The dyed hair man shouted at the entrance when I was leaving the place to call police. It seemed the residents were working on mobbing to make me to have psychological breakdown. The residents shouted that I should go to hospital.
Near the neighborhood, I saw a woman walking, and I asked her to call police. She seemed not understand my English but said that police is 144. Actually, I filmed this conversation and I have seen her working on surveillance with others sometimes on the street.
I went to the nearby Turkish restaurant and asked the clerk to call the police. He gave me a number write down on the napkin instead, and it was 117. I asked around the restrant asking if someone has a cellphone and able to call police. One customer helped me to call police to come to the restaurant. The customer might told me the number for the police is 118 which was different from what I saw on the napkin. I asked the clerk to show me the number, and it was 118. But he did not give it to me.
February 29th 2008
I stayed in the Hotel Aarauerhof for safety.
March 2nd 2008
About 4:30pm, I saw the resident with a white cap standing in front of the Casa Torfeld I, then the man with dyed hair showed up raiding a scooter. On my way to the Aarau city center, I saw the dyed hair man following me and shouting “one bottle.” Through the way, he and the man with a white cap harassed me. The man with a white cap tried to hit me in the public also.
About 5:30pm, the dyed hair man showed up in the train station waiting room and started harassing me raiding the scooter. He brought others including a Chinese ex-resident there. The Somalian man came to sit in the Aarau train station. He was drinking beer and just sat there.
March 3rd 2008
At the Aarau train station about 6:30pm, the man with the dyed hair showed up with the Somalian man and started harassing me. The dyed hair man tried to steal my water bottle as he said thirsty. Later, their friends came and started persuading me not filming them. If they are not working on mobbing, then I had no need to film them.
March 4th 2008
At the Kanton library, I saw the Tibetan man who lived in Casa Torfeld I using the computer.
At the Aarau train station, I saw a man who lived in Casa Torfeld I. Later, I saw the man with a white cap who was harassing me with the man with dyed hair.
March 7th 2008
I saw a man sat in front of me wearing a Japanese logo T-shirt in Kanton Bibliotek.
March 8th 2008
About noon, there was a man standing outside of the residence smoking. I thought the way he stood seemed to be related with the psychological operation, so I just filmed him standing middle of the road in residential area.
March 12th 2008
When I was at the Aarau train station, the Somalian man came and tried to disturb my research of apartments on Internet. He was talking with his Senegalese friend and asked me if I want to talk with his friend. He also said that my asylum is failed and said to the others as I am crazy. I tried to ignore what he was doing but he sat next to me and then walking around speaking loudly.
March 14th 2008
I saw some people working on surveillance at the library. I have seen them sitting at the lounge of the refugee residence. I often see them in part of the stalking group.
At night about 9pm, someone hit my room window hard. About 15 minutes later, the Somalian man opened my room door and said “One Bottle” and other things. He was talking with others on the hallway after he did so.
March 15th 2008
I found out there was a visible damage on the window screen. Since the man with the dyed hair has been hitting it several times from the last month, the screen has more than one damage from the yesterday´s hitting. I visited Casa Torfeld II to check out the names of the harasser and at that time the Somalian man kept taunting me on the hallway. When I was leaving the hallway, someone threw an empty pet bottle to my head. I threw it back aiming the ground for keeping distance. Then the man with dyed hair kicked my backpack hard.
At the Aarau train station, I found there was a damage on my PC. After I visited Aarau Stadt Polizei and I was making a backup of my evidences in Internet, the Somalian man and the neighbor walked by and harassed me. The neighbor is a woman with a child and probably the owner of a black Diahatsu SUV, AG211523.
Also, I saw a man who sat next to me at the bus station on March 4th asked me if he met me in Zürich.