27 March, 2008



I see the pale blue moon
 from my quiet bedroom window
You made me drunk so soon
 while you kept my body in the shadow

Alas, mother nature, my life source,
 you made my body filled with ecstasy
Twice, you pulled me back and forth,
 to balance my mind in the unreal fantasy

This is not the love to the Lord
 I found my heart filled in the sensation
Then this must be the love toward
 the nature, and this is the explanation

Oh, Lord almighty, I awe in thy Kraft
 Beauty of what I see makes me so dull in my heart
God, please forgive my sin to envy thy Kunst
 Our individualism would turn our beloved to walk in the desert

Wenn der Wein das Blutes von Jesus, der unser König, war.
gibt die Mutter-Natur uns den Mondschein als ihre Träne.
This is an ode to Goethe´s poetry I saw on the second floor at his Gartenhaus in Weimar. He taught me how to follow the path to reach the Lord through the view from Dr. Faust.
If the real iron fists are controlling the world in blindness, I wanna find a way to save the world from what he taught me in my life.
I wish my German is good enough not to embarrass the person who I am sharing my thoughts... His German is my ideal and I am still struggling to understand the basic communication level German. Schweitzerdeutch ist kuhl für sprachen aber muss ich Hochdeutsch lernen zu die bessere Schreibung.