03 March, 2008

What is wrong in the society under the influence of globalism?

First of all, the globalism gives broad mobility of people and goods. Then, it caused more centralization of the wealth as the rich can produce much money in another place of the world while the poor get less access on material due to the global standardization of the prices. In such environment, we value more on materialism than spiritualism. People are replaceable and they just come and go. It makes the one's identity hard to stick to one nation because we can identify ourselves in different ways; by nationality, the country of birth, ethnicity, gender, etc.
If gang stalkers are the anarchist group exist in every nation and sucking the material the victim, it can explain why the stalkers have the huge pool of materials with them for anchoring and other use. Some say human tracking happens in non-Western nation. If so, then why we see more gang stalking victims in the Western nations? Since I do not have experience living in the country where human trafficking is popular, I cannot say that living in such nations are much safer than the Western nations. Due to the language and communication difficulties, we might not know the fact that how many real victims of either human trafficking or gang stalking in these infamous nations. From some reading, I acknowledged that the foreign criminal group are involved in the human trafficking in these nations. I don't know if a gang stalking victim would get relieved from the stalking problem by moving to non-Western nations. This is because of the bribery practice and the possible isolation from foreign media. You never know if there are more gang stalking victim tried to escape to these nations and later they are taken by the “foreign gang stalkers.”
My understanding is that the gang stalkers' e-harassment tools must be used withing a certain range. If they can track someone down by the satellite, they hardly need to have foot solders to live in the neighborhood. Some revenge goods can be used within few meters. If the resident in the room next to the victim use the device through the wall, it can cause better damage than from the satellite. What if the TI stay in the basement of a tall building? Can a satellite type e-harassment device work efficiently to track down the particular individual and not damaging the people in different floors??
I saw some gang stalkers driving cars had some laser-pointer type devices pointing toward me in CA. There were two types I saw; one is like a gouge to open the grage door, and the other one is a white a bit larger than PSP type with a small but thick antenna on it.
If globalism merges with nationalism, it will make the travelers and sojourners to get disadvantages from where they go. In rich countries, wealthy people would be welcomed. And in poor countries, the poor will remain to be poor from the dictatorship of the bribed politicians and the multi national companies. People no longer talk about the sweat shops or child labor. If they do not stop it in foreign countries, it would be back to the own nation because the bold companies will think it is OK to do so in their nation which do not care human rights of others at all. If a country cannot warn the violation of the human rights in other countries, how can the country keep an eye on the human rights of own citizens??


brussellsprout said...

Hi Miyoko, I am also a victim of the covert war on people who oppose the satanic New World Order. I have posted some information about my situation here: www.brussellsprout.blogspot.com

So far, the best web site I have seen that addresses this topic is www.thehiddenevil.com I think you will find answers to some of your questions there.

I am very sorry this happened to you. It's a disconcerting state of affairs, to say the least.

I wish I could give you some good advice, but the only thing I know is to document what's happening, and you're already doing that.

Good luck with your efforts!


Matt Beal
South Bend, Indiana