29 March, 2008

Visiting the rooms for rent

On 25th, I visited Baden and met the owner of the flat at 6pm. He told me that the room is a mess. I saw his laptop on the sofa-bed and it was on. There was a printer on the table and then a small TV set. The flat on one ad comes with “ab sofort” on it. Then the other onewas comes with “01/04/08” notice. Then he told me that there is another person, an Indian woman, made an appointment to see the room. At the entrance, I saw a Indian-looking woman and a man in working uniform like the one of SBB or road worker.

On 26th, I called the Millennium Immobilien to ask how to send the application form. At that point, the clerk told me that there were three rooms available for that building and they are taken. Well, I am not sure how this happened in just one day. Well, let´s see when the advertisement will be taken from the link.

On 28th, yesterday, I visited the apartment next to the Katholic Kirche in Bremgarten. The meeting was at 4:30pm, and I saw another couple speaking in German and sometimes spoke in English came to see the place. Both of us went in with a young woman who seemed to be the person from the real estate agency. The room was still under renovation and furnishing was not ready. They did not have toilett bowl and sink at all. The kitchen was nicely done, though. The woman explained us in German and the male guest asked her about ISDN thing. The location was extremely good besides the understandable price and the place is next to the church. The room would be ready in middle of the next month. I could fill out the form that point and get the room, but I am not sure if I can get it because there was a nice excuse... Since I am a TI, I might be just too sensitive, but I am not sure it is normal to see another customer checking the room as the same day I am doing. Anyway, I will call the agency tomorrow and ask them that I will send the form I got today. Then I just keep contacting people and making appointments till next week. I guess this would keep my time on line. I have seen the couple with a kid who tried to stand in front of me when I sat on the bench near the river. There is nothing much at that place and they just showed up and tried to stand in front of me for more than five minutes.

Bremgarten? It is pretty far from Aarau, but I just liked the Virgin Mary I saw in her own chapel. There is a St. Clara chapel in a short distance. I think I could find much better place than that one for the convenience of location close to the main train connection, but it is worth to apply for them. I just like to let my lady decide my future. I have doing so since I was saved by her from the assassination in El Camino Hospital by the US agents.

The links? They are displayed for public, so I guess putting them here won`t be a problem. You can see which one I visited so far. If someone took the Bremgarten flat already, then I will continue to report how many Wohnungen I have to check out to get one. If you are looking for an apartment in Switzerland, you might experience similar thing. I am not sure how much my TI value is added for this difficulty finding an apartment. I called about 14 people and I got 2 appointments. I missed one for the resident not moving out, and other one for the message was buried under piles of SPAM mails. Sharing room sounds OK but I do not want to take risk of language communication problem to let others putting false claims just like the current residents do. I have no idea why I live with German or Italian or French speaking people in a refugee residence.

Since I am free to check out any rooms, I guess I should make more appointments to know about other areas of Kanton Aargau. If gang stalkers are trying to get the rooms a head of me, then there will be shortage on the advertisements on Internet. If the rooms I checked out are there after I was told that they are taken, then you will see such result also. Why I am sharing this information? It is simply for experiment.

At this posting time, I found the ad for the room in Baden is gone from homegate.ch. I guess, they really get the room.