06 March, 2008

Isn't it a child abuse to use kids to claim someone as a pedophilia?

This morning I took shower about 10:30am. Although the residents are working on mobbing, I have to keep my hygiene level adequate to live in a civilized place. Well, I noticed that that their was a boy using a shower and one of the harasser was on the changing area. I have been harassed by the people using kids for claiming me as a pedophilia. Until I was started to be stalked by the Department of Defence people, I had no occasion to stay near kids. If my ex-friends had kids and they invited me to their homes or a party, I did see some kids around me. It was only for special occasion like my friend's birthday party or baby shower. Even in such occasions, I did not make no more than few communications like “Hello” or “Hi” to be nice, and I left them to stay in their own dimension of reality. I simply cannot stand talking with someone who have nothing in common.

When I was visiting California Missions for shelter, I saw many children in with teacher like figure brought to the Mission by the yellow school buses. I don't know if the local schools are participating in harassing a “pedophilia-claimed” suspect in the local area or just coincidences happened in several Missions in morning.

Here, I saw over a dozen of kids in the lounge sometimes. They might be living in the neighborhood, but what I don't understand is that the Somalian Guy said that he saw me taking pictures of children. Actually, I was shooting a film of how kids appear from where and who are connected with which adults and “how the residents and neighbors are letting kids to harass me.” When I was in my room, kids open my door and try to interrupt me. In outside, kids shouting “бабушка” in Russian while I was studying Russian in my room. Almost everyday, I see kids around me. Sometimes, a mother with kids shows up and try to make kids play in front of me in the city. I don't know if they know I have seen one pedophilia working as a gang stalking member.

From my point of view, what I have seen is that the adults, especially the mothers, using their kids to claim someone as a pedophilia. It's like a woman stand next to a man in a crowded train and claim the man touch her buttock. In such case how someone can prove one's innocence?

What I'm doing is to collect the data of who is actually involved in this pedophilia claim. I know all residents in my refugee residence have been using their kids for some skits against me.
The funny thing is that almost all the adults in the refugee residence and the neighbors know how to take care of the kids. It is more like the Charles Manson's family. People just hang around and take care the kids of each other. If Manson family was a type of experiment for the US government like Waco, then maybe we should study how the research result is used for the gang stalkers (anarchist class NSA model).

By the way, my Japanese passport is now in the Bundesamt für Migration in Berne. So I have little problem “borrowing” my passport for purchasing a prepaid mobile phone. If a person living in Switzerland let me use his or her name and address for the referrer, then I might save time and money for not traveling to Berne to borrow my passport for few hours. By the way, Sandro Brotz and Beat Jost's CIA Gefängnisse in Europa says that al-Kaida member purchased mobile phone in Switzerland and used it for their operation.

Die Handy-Falle: Khalid Scheich Mohammed, Bin Ladens Nummer 3, telefonierte mit
Schweizer Prepaid-Handys. Er gilt als Chefplaner des 11. Septembers. Bei seiner
Verhaftung im März 2003 in Pakistan fielen den Ermittlern mehrere dutzend Handys mit Schweizer Telefonnummern in die Hände. (96)

Probably, this is what the gang stalkers here in Switzerland is concerned about since the United States believes any activists or people working for world peace are terrorists threatening their national interest. I don't know who are the real terrorist these days. People drinking and offering me drinks and turn my bed upside down and threatening to kill me is not considered as a potential terrorist in my area. I know where the United States consider as a place al-Quada member would dwell – Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, and bunch of other Middle Eastern countries. I don't know where the residents' Swiss mobile phones will be in future.. could be in Pakistan or Iran?

Work Cited:
Brotz, Sandy and Beat Jost. CIA-Gefängnisse in Europa: Die Fax-Affäre und ihre Folgen Mit einer Analyse von Dick Marty. Orell Füssli Verlag AG. Zürich. 2006.


gang stalking said...

Back up your blog. Blogs about Gang Stalking seem to be getting deleted from blogger.com.

In the last 48-72 hrs 2 blogs have been deleted and one blog now has a warning placed over it.

JB said...

Thanks for the information. I made backup of my blog by chosing the year from the right side column and saved entire posting in only two files.