11 March, 2008

Some humors about the United States

Why so many professors did not have cell phones up to these days?
They might make excuse of the cost performance of using the paid phone or the health damage. The reality is they are wired to the special network. The best way to send the information without being bugged is to send it as the brain microwave. 2-way radio system works pretty well among the CIA and other US personnels. That way, they have no need to search moles. People know who is a double agent these days. If some agents claim others as a foreign spy, it actually means that they already knew that claim is a fake one to kill the social and political career of the individual rather than try to protect their country from the real threat. If I could realized this while I was in the US, I would have more chance to make fun about it without getting caught.. If you know the ivory tower residents who did not own a cell phone until recently, you can guess why they did not need one. Why they need a phone these days? It's for a better connection – not using the cell phone, unfortunately.

Why Chinese and Koreans do not concern about the past experience with the United States?
Because theses governments are controlled by the US just like other European nations since the post WWII. According to the book, Killing Hope, it says that Americans hired the Japanese scientists working on human experiments after the war, and they continued creating chemical weapons. The US pread chemicals over the Chinese soil after “WWII.” The South Koreans might have attacked the North first, and later the information was eresed. Guess why Chinese and Koreans brame on Japanese for the invasion during WWII? That is part of the US policy to keep some conflict in the East Asia. If the US need to look for another country to bring a democracy for the business chance to the military industries, they have the North Korea.

How come people around the world became so forgetful about the certain pasts, and what happened to that “Weapons of Mass Destruction” thing?
This is because of the Americanization. Some Americans only have short memories. They even have a president who cannot recall what his Papa did with Sadam Husein before the Gulf War. Because the president forgot who sold the possible “Weapons of Mass Destruction” to Iraq, they had to cut off some pages from the official report. The real “Weapons of Mass Destruction” is in a young country in the Middle East, by the way. Many countries are importing American goods as well as American culture.

How come so many people believe in UFOs?
That is part of the US policy to hide the existence of high-tech weapons and devices. If the new Stealth fighters are not publicly recognized, there is no way the people can prove them as a real aircraft. MIB is the another case. The classic FBI uniform was just like what the MIB wear. In the film with the same title says that they are from a different planet.
How come people spot “illegal aliens” in the US are considered a “terrorists” instead?
Illegal aliens are not really illegal aliens from the view of the US government. They are just a decoy to trap others spotting them. It is better to keep the decoy and let others spot them to get more people on the suspicious people list. The government wants to question the people why they get close to the illegal aliens enough to know they are staying illegal.

How come Americans like to blame others as “terrorists”?
That is a new trend after the “Communist threat” in the last century. If they blame against communist, they get problem importing goods from China. If they use terrorist as a new signal to warn others, it does not apply to a specific ethnic group or a nationality. Well, it is better choice of the word than “green giants” or “slimes,” isn't it?

These information are already available in somewhere, so spreading these won't hurt the US. They just don't like letting others know too much. How many people can take these information serious to bring an action? They know the limits what people can do. If they think too much, they will put “terrorist” tag on that person. Anyone who might be a threat to the US national interest will be considered as a “terrorist.”