21 March, 2008

Gang stalking has the chracteristics of cults.

I have problem getting Lawson's book, Cause Stalking. The Amazon.com got problem handling the order. I should read the book before I write this, but I had no chance.

I think the gang stalkers use the exactly the same technique that cults sue for recuritment of new members. When they fail, they use the same technique in 180 degree opposite way. In other words, they try to exclude the person fron their community. For the gang stalkers, this means the exclusion occures from muti-dimentional level. The target's each identitiy is attacked and nullified by the cult members in the each identities.

If gang stalking vicitim is a type of mind-control victim, then we might have better explanation about the cure and protesting.

Hey, happy Easter weekend! Man, I cannot believe all stores are closed and I must suffer from hunger during the holiday season in Switzerland... Well, I will take this as a good chance to keep myself in suffering - that is what saints did, trying to experience more suffering and miserly for get close to Jesus Christ.


brussellsprout said...

I wouldn't feel too bad about missing out on David Lawson's book on Cause Stalking. It's filled with disinformation, mainly the idea that these groups are more powerful than the police, and that they are not affiliated with any government agencies. It's hard to believe he made those claims with a straight face. Anyone who has been targeted is aware immediately that police, firefighters and other public officials are involved up to their ears, and that gang stalking is sanctioned at the highest levels of government. And intelligence agencies are the only ones who have access to the most sophisticated equipment used in our persecution. -- Matt

JaneBauer (Miyoko Goto) said...

But that is the only available "reliable resources" for the victims. I understand some questionable part of the book, but I am glad that some information is actually useful to quort to other people than from CONTELPRO related books. COINTELPRO books seems better to explain, but when cops denies their involvment, whatelse TIs can use? I think the book is good to explain to the cops.