02 April, 2008

I finally submit one application form.

I thought Brumgarten one was a good choice but since I experienced the anchoring with the church bell, I decided to put it on the second in my list.

Yesterday, I visited the apartment in Oftringen and that was pretty good as it is a little off from the center of the town to be quiet enough and have a bus stop in front of the apartment.

I must find a way to commute to the shops from there either by bus or by a bike. The price is pretty cheaper than the one in Bremgarten, so the transportation fee would be not much problem to be a disappointment.

I am just curious how many people said the place is taken yet they still put the apartment for rent sign on the web. It would be the langage problem, but some of the response was quite funny. Like today, I called one apartment mieter and a woman answered. Then I asked if she can speak English in German, she switched with another woman. That woman kept asked me as if she cannot understand when I asked her if the apartment was available. Let's see how many perps are working with the renters.

For today's aaplication, I was told that I would get the result next week. The clerk said that they have to have some time in back ground check. I know my Ausweis with "N" made him some impression, but let's see how things go. At least, my form comes with certain people's name of the Department of Gesundheit und Sozieles. Maybe the next American erection would change this situation.

The picture is the fake Highway Patrol enforcement car parked in my neighborhood. The neighbors are involved in gang stalking against me. At least this proves that David Lawson says that the gang stalkers have hand made fake cop cars. I don't understand why Swiss gang stalkers love to decorate cars with American ones.


AJH said...

A very familiar story as I also live a gangstalked and harassed life, though fortuneatly no language barriers. It must be difficult in an non-native language as they can always hide behind the "didn't understand" act.

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JaneBauer (Miyoko Goto) said...

Indeed, perps use same technique around the world no matter how strange their actions and behaviors fit in the cultrual frame of where they are.
It is just like the Americanization.
I'm correcting the data of how people pretend to be "did not understand" as it is funny how they suddenly use German in some occasions.