02 April, 2008

Here is the list I tried to find a room.

This is the list that I called and was told that the someone already took the room. There are some more for the email contacts also, but I omit that in here. I'm in the Kanton Bibliothek and charging my PC since the network is down.

It was quite funny that when the network was down, I saw bunch of perps showed up around. One of them ate some food just like the last time I noticed a man sat on the same space and did so. There are the perps sat in the study room smoking outside. There were about 5 to 6 perps present, just as usual for their surveillance. At least, I got place to charge my PC for free with a good reason and type some stuffs up.

After I set up a new Internet connection from my new home, I might have better chance to work on Internet research and typing stuffs.

If people work in mobbing and trying to discriminate someone, then it is easy to show how things get worse around the individual because of the others. I can tell that what the perps do not want me to have is better improved life. So, they would work on destroying my Internet connection and vandalism. At least, I shared information about Bundes-Wehr in Germany and the Department of Defense in the USA, you know that the Big Brothers are claiming innocent normal people to be mentally ill. What I am doing is to share the information how things are going in my life to show how the certain people influence my life to fall in a negative spiral.

So, the below is the apartment list that the person I spoke said that the room is taken.

Oberdorfstraße/Tannenweg, 5703 Seon
Bruggerstraße 44, 5400 Baden
Stadtbachstraße 77, 5400 Baden
Gottfried-Keller-Straße 2, 4800 Zofingen
Stadtstraße 77, 5400 Baden
Am Tych 4c, 4663 Oftringen
Gerold Heimbstraße 7, Muri AG
Tramstraße 59, 5034 Suhr
Schleipfenstraße 5, 4802 Strangelbach