16 April, 2008

When do you purchase an alcohol?

I do not know why a gang stalker sat next to me yesterday at the Aarau train station and put the beer can near me and left the place after his surveillance. I saw a man sat next to me. When I left the scene I saw a man suddenly showed up from the entrance and tried to settle on the seat where I sat. When I was observing him rather than leaving the building, he saw me and hesitated to sit down. I am not sure what the perps are doing. They might want to back up Abkur's statement of seeing me drinking at the train station. I really have no idea why the residents at Casa Torfeld I started alcoholic claim from when I moved to there. I heard that it is a typical claim for the CIA to take some agents away from further promotion. Other tactics are like claiming hyper-sexual (funny but they arrow some agents to be so for being sex agents, and this case they are unpunished at all), abusive, having mental problem. Let me give some examples, Abkur and others were in Casa Torfeld I from the beginning. Zoa Collete, thick-build black woman, received a free beer from a resident. It was the time I saw most residents smoking and drinking and watching TV whole day. I actually stayed in my room and was studying German using the textbook I rented from the Stadt Bibliothek. I saw the residents put chairs outside of my room window. There is a path between the window and them, but it was close enough to say as surveillance. They were drinking beer and smoking while talking continuously. At the first few months, I saw the bottom shelves of the refrigerators were full of beer bottles. While I cooked and consumed my meal at the dining table in the kitchen, I saw the residents came in and took beer bottles or cans from the fridge and waked away. It seemed that no body really asked for whose possession they are but took one or two to the lounge and shared it with others.

One time, a female resident was looking for something at the kitchen. She told me if I have a liquor. I said no as I did not have one for cooking soups or spagetti. Abukr and others sometimes offered me some liquors like they just sat in front of me when I was eating food. I have a nice example of Abukr drinking beer every time he talked with me in my video collection. One time, he put a whisky bottle and opened on the kitchen table.

I really have no idea why these small claims by the real alcoholics matters for gang stalking. While the refugees or gang stalking members drinking beers at the train staion, they are making claims how they see me drinking beer. Let's see what I should do to prevent this kind of claims? I better expose the people who are drinking beer next to me and leaving the beer bottles near me.

I do not know how many alcoholics do not understand the use of alcoholic beverage for another uses. (Not about Molotov Cocktails come with a newspaper stuffed on the mouth!) You know, alcohols can kill your brain cells. These alcoholics would have lost too much cells to make a critical thinking already. But for the real wine and beer lovers, it is important to know how the same beverages can entertain ones' appetite as well as consuming directory. That is one of what I learned from making pilgrimages to California wine counties.

In my opinion, the wines that is said to go with particular dishes actually the best to use in the cooking of the dishes. For example, if you cook beef stew, it is good to use cab. (Merlot is ok, but it does not give you spicy secret flavor, while cabs often contain some spices like black pepper.) A hint of zin could make your cheese burger pretty tasty. For fruit punch, some white wines can give more punch than what the name says. Seriously, this is my opinion and just a common sense.

I do not know if adding beer would make doughs for Bretzels or Pretzels any good. I know that the beer can be used to cook chicken or for flied chickens. If you use alcohol on meat, it makes meat milder. That very reason, I used to put some Vodka on beef when I cook Japanese curry. If you want to keep the dish less stained from the taste of the liquor, Vodka is the best.

So, what should I do now? I do like to keep a small bottle of red wine for personal communion. Since I cannot go to a church to have one, I alternate the ritual using wine and bread sometimes to remind myself to keep the bible study and my faith in the religion.

If I move out, I do cook some good meals as I am pretty good at cooking. Well, I might have to share my meals on my blog to show how I used alcohol if I buy some in future. I personally love consuming liquor in this way. If it is cooked, I do not have to worry about losing too much brain cells from consuming them.


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