06 April, 2008

What if I speak up how others supporting the discrimination?

I know this is disturbing for the gang stalkers, but I prefer to do so since there is only way to make people not to support the gang stalking is to share how each individual working on group level discrimination. We all know that discrimination is bad, no matter how we justify the motivation.

My aim is that trying to make the individuals to have responsibility on what they do, no matter how they are forced to do so. If this is a Pilgrim type experiment, what I am sharing is the truth how people can ignore their responsibility on ethical issue for their actions. They can rationalize their motivation by pretending to do their jobs. If you are asked to murder certain number of people, you might do so after finishing the task for several times. If meat producers care about animal rights, they cannot process any meats at all. For the productivity and other motivations, people can justify their means.

More I share the information, more wild the gang stalkers start to act. But I think this is a good thing. In my videos, you can see certain people show up quite often, and they are from Casa Torfeld I and II. Sometimes, they are from the neighborhood. But what you see is the connection of gang stalkers. The people in Kanton library are another perps. However, you can see the residents from Casa Torfeld I actually showed up among the other perps. As a whole group, they can show certain characterisitcs; they use same skits over and over in whatever it is. They use camera, talk about hospital, try to disturb whatever I am doing, noise campaign, etc.
From my point of view, you can see the people have already organized in someway to do the accusation or surveillance.

Just think about the group of people claiming something. If you have to defend yourself from over 10 people claiming you as a murderer or a criminal, what you can do? In my case, a couple lived in room 8 or 12 claimed me of stealing oil in the hallway. Then, the Italian speaking woman and other residents, 5 to 6, knocked my room door and accused me of the toilet mess. And the non-resident cooking at the kitchen started accusation on me for stealing boots. This is just going on since when? I have to defend myself from these claimers for their crazy accusations. And someone vandalized my room in the end of February and I called police. And the Somali man and Guinean man have been assaulting me. There is a fake American Highway Patrol car parked in the neighborhood.

Say, if they want to believe as if they are private police, then let me put everything in public eye to balance out their one-sided view. The Somali man drinking and kicking me, yet he claimed me drinking. If such people are really hired by the police, then we can see how police is supporting the criminals. If criminals putting their crime to others and continue working on their criminal activities, then we know why we cannot reduce crimes and how the prison population gets high.
I am sure that there would be some victims before me. These stalkers are trained to work on certain activities. If other victims could notice their faces and claim what they have done to the victims, then it is a good point to reveil the organized crime.