12 April, 2008

Is there any terrorist activities in Aarau, Switzerland?

This is for honest explanation about how I have been treated by the people who are under influence of the gang stalkers. It seems the people working on the gang stalking activity really do not understand how things look like from my side. If they are fueled by the American propagandists and getting treats like what Italians got from the Americans to change the favor of the first Italian erection result just after the WWII, then I just want to share my view to get the understanding of the whole situation. Propagandists always try to suppress the other side to justify their side. I hope I am being protected by both US and Swiss law that guaranteeing the freedom of press and expression.

In Interdiscout yesterday, I might had an incident of someone telling me about how to say “asshole” in German. I have been hearing security alarm suddenly starts when I walked into the store since last year. It is just like while I walk around the store, I hear some alarms from somewhere in the store frequently. There are two occasions I checked stuffs like mp3 player and a digital camera. The mp3 player on sale at the cart was on the display shelf. I picked it up to look closer and the security cord was unplugged and the alarm started. At that time, I bought the one not in the shelf but the clark was trying to check it in the cart and then he asked someone to find it on the locked closet. Another occasion was that when I was checking the digital camera. That was why I visited the InterDiscount in Zuerich to have better shopping experience. There, I had problem getting my PC as the clerk was busy on the phone while other clerks are hanging around. It would be too ridiculous to find one particular model of PC out of stock in two shops. And later, the clerk sent another one to check the stock and I got one with the box opened recently. It sounded like the gang stalkers at least wanted to know the serial number for whatever the reason. I talked with a gang staling member wearing a pink T-shirt with some paintinglike leak of inks there.

I know the gang stalkers working to spread rumors that I am a shoplifter or something. This is something that the Somali guy and others are working on. I do not think it is Inerdiscount policy to work on discrimination against a customer, I just mention it here. I don't know why their new credit card reader do not accept my Japanese Visa card, but I prefer to pay than stealing it from the shop. I think I need to explain about their treatment in order to stop others making rumors as if I have been treated like that from Interdiscount in Aarau as if I have a shoplifting record. If they need to target someone for shoplifting, they better do it for the residents of my heim who had a brand new digital camera with some stickers on it. I have seen some XBOX game control boxes and Sony digital camera blank box in the trashcan in my refugee residence. I do not know who threw them or owning them at all.

And I have no intention to buy another PC because of the damage done by the asalt from the Guinean. I know the stalkers want to use my new PC to claim me for having more PCs and to use their envy to justify their criminal activities. I am not such stupid enough to make a simple dicision like them.. I am just amazed to see how the gang stalkers in Aarau area is working on that cheap skit like saying “Believe me, I am a politcial science professor graduated from University of Zuerich..” to start a conversation to plan me to depressed. If I need to buy another PC for the damage done by the these cheap gang stalkers, I prefer to share more information about them to get donations to replace the cost. (yeah, everyone involved in the discrimination as each individual supposed to be discrimination free under the Swiss law).

Migro's. I don't know what happened yesterday. While I was waiting at the casher, the casher clerk on my line and the one behind of me exchanged several cashes. I have seen some people holding wallets around me quite often yesterday. I am just curious if these people are worked on the operation to expect me to steal their wallets. I have been learning that each individual level gang stalkers may work on something with the expectation rather than my personal situation. One out of fourth Swiss people may be a milliner and one out of fourth of the people showing off their wallet may contain some credit cards worth that much, but I am a Japanese and I have been paying my rent and living costs since last June. Yeah, I might need to fix my PC because of the Guinean refugee assaulted me from the behind at Casa Torfeld, but I prefer to find a way to pay the repairing cost rather than stealing their wallet. Well, I might thank them for doing such a skit whole day by different gang stalking members. Collecting that skits in my camera may give me a resource for donation to fix my PC. I have been targeted by the anti-extremists like them and such crucial evidences for one whole day would be a little off from the normal distribution for the everyday life experience seeing someone holding a wallet around the individual. G. W. Bush once said that if you support a terrorist, you are a terrorist. I don't know how Americans are criticizing about Swiss for Iran gas trading, but I think gang stalkers are type of terrorists because that is the expression I found in the books, “War at Home” and “Cause Stalkers.” (For Swiss people, if you do not understand my joke here, that is probably I am still learning Swiss jokes. Swiss culture is one of the toughest to learn for me than the ones I learned in anthropology and other social science studies. By the way, if you do not support gang stalking, I have time to study German and about Swiss, though.)

When I was using Internet at the bench outside of McDonald's, someone broke that bench eventually after some gang stalking members preoccupied the spot to distract my use of the bench. So, I had to use Internet inside of the McDonald's, then that infamous McDonald's kids incident happened and I just uploaded them on YouTube. I had no idea where those kids came from and shouting about “two burgers” and started bullying at me inside of the restaurant. Say, McDonald's is one of the biggest restaurant chain around the world and I thought it is important to share the incident with others to prevent further problem with these kids. If I know that Kanton Bibliothek has a free Internet access for the members, I would use that one instead than using the paid Boingo wifi to stay more than few hours. At least, I visited them in off-peak time, but the restaurant was full of customers with kids somehow. I have seen people with kids trying to sit next to me frequently, but I think I saw a pedophilia in there once putting a small girl on his lap. I have no idea why gang stalkers want to claim me for pedophilia while they are playing and getting close to bunch of kids.

Caritas. I do not know how much pressure they got from the gang stalkers. I have seen some teachers for free German lesson worked in gaslighting and other forms of PSYOP, which is well written in David Lawson's “Cause Stalking.” The Eritrean group made a anchoring with Our Lady of Guadalupe picture. That incident is the one I put as Religious Right Violation in YouTube. I know there are some Muslim religion abuses after 911, but I never hard people working against harassing against Christianity, especially the traditional Catholic. Our Lady of Guadalupe is a one form of the Virgin Mary. And it was too ridiculous to see an Eritrean putting the painting on his backpack as if showing it off to me. When I questioned about why he has the picture, he told me that his friend would answer. Then bunch of Eritreans came and switched the question to something like if I believe in God. None of them give me a reason why the guy had the picture. After that, I quite attending the Caritas free German lesson. I post it on YouTube in case if someone want to claim me for not studying German anymore. I just changed the way I study German. It is much healthier to study the language than people making fun of religious icons inside of a church property. I wonder what kind of people can make fun of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Unification church may deny the virginity of the VM. But how about the Islam fundamentalists who are supposed to be helping terrorism around the world? All I know is that these Eritreans are working on surveillance and their techniques are categorized as the onese of cause stalkers, who are anti-government extremists.

I have seen some others like youth groups hired by the Somali guy and other gang stalkers. I do not know how many residents of my refugee residence are involved in the gang activity. What I know is that they are drinking and smoking and watching TV and working on stalking and mobbing. The Somali guy and the Guinean guy followed me to the Aarau Bahnhof and harassing me there even after someone truned my bed upside down in my room. They actually damaged the window screen of my room by bunging it many times.

I did not really start filming them until last November when the ex-manager (chef) Mr. Thomas Kunz said that police brought a new roommate. I have seen police officers with the residents frequently in Casa Torfeld I, so I was curious how things are going. Everything was looked like a type of COINTELPRO operation and I know about Article 25 of the Swiss Constitution, I decided to film them. The lest is found as Organized Stalkers Around Me series on YouTube. The only exceptions are the two that are at the McDonald's and at the Caritas. It seemed everyone in my social frame is targeting me for claiming something, I decided to film the whole day for an evidence. The Somali guy recently stated “I kill you” and “I take your computer” and have been throwing rocks and a pet bottle from behind.

I have seen some nuts working on prostituion claim, too. Since I have no room key and I do not like the gang stalkers claiming me paying too much for clothes or stealing them from my room with the previous reaons with envy, I have minimum set of clothes. Yeah, that would make me look like a poor and likely to be a criminal, but I am not like those who easily moved by someone else's idea to work on organized crimes. Because I have no criminal record, the gang stalkers want to claim one to complete their job to take me out from Aarau area. I am just making fun of these people who are just claiming themselves as if police or detective or mafia and targeting an innocent individual. If they are really a police, then they should have a proper identification card. On the other hand, a terrorist group can hide their true identity for something else. What happened to Al Qaeda members around the world? I assume the US attacked Somalia for wiping out them from that country.

If you support the people taking like taking stuff from others or killing someone, you are some kinds of a criminal. If you support someone who seems to work on terrorism, you are a terrorist. (I changed the sentence slightly so that I do not have to quote G.W.B. Jr. here) Because these anti-government extremists do not stop their operation against me, I will continue to film them for crime prevention and terrorism prevention. It is funny that these people claiming themselves doing patrol and security while owning a fake American High Way Patrol Car which is able to make some foreigners familiar with American movies to pay traffic fine on the road. Making some money from fooling people with fake cop car is written in David Lawson's book, by the way.