30 April, 2008

I hope I can move to a new place in few weeks.

Still I am making Besichtgungstermine (room checking appointment) to find an apartment. I visited the one above the post office in Reinach AG. It comes with bunch of strage areas like the storage room next to the room, and the basement.

And today I visit the one in Kolbinz near the border with Germany and the one in Aarau. These apartments are not availabe for few months, but if I can find another place like "room for rent" then I can stay somewhere for short term and hopefully move into the assured apartment later.
It seems there is a shortage of apartment availabe from next month but some are availabe later like from July. I just checking as many places as possible so that I can at least assure some stable place to stay in future. Room for rent sounds OK, but you never know when the other renters decides to move out from the apartment. If I rent the place by my own, then it will be less risk for such thing unless the owner want to sell the apartment to someone else.
Reinach AG to Aarau is connected by train and I found out that I could use Internet while I was on board. SBB may advertising the Wifi in 1st class ride, but the local train actually is able to do so without extra fee. If someone thinking to move to villages near train stations, they might have previlage of using "Take Away" modem for extra research time on board. I will add the movie when I have time to edit the whole 30min ride film. It is really amazing to see Yahoo! News while on train. Some people buy newspapers for the same price people pay for daily net access. I am not threatening the local Kiosk sales, but it is for the environmental issue.