01 May, 2008

Comments on my YouTube Video - stormgy110

These are what I got as messages from stormguy110 at YouTube. I figured out some funny information from his behavior of making comments on my particular films. First, he mentions about my "SJSU Assasination Plot" showing how SJSU sent me to mental hospital, and later he made comment on "Religious Right Violation by Eritreans" about how they used the picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe for NLP anchoring. These two films are crucial as well as of the residents of Casa Torfeld I and II stalking me to everywhere I go. More importantly, he says about how he understand Eritrean languages in the film. One film is about San Jose and another one is about Eritorea. I guess the films about these Eritreans might related with the disappearence of the Eritreans from the neighborhood. I am not sure what Eritreans talking to each other, but it would be something what stormguy110 says in the messages. This guess is simply from decoding how the perps twist their speach.

How to know he is a perp? Just mention how he addresses himself . "I dont believe in communism or other retarded systems, so please stop that stuff. I was just making suggestions. " If he does not involved to the organization or people I am filming, there is no reason why a viewer need to ask the creater of the film to stop making documentary films.

I like open system with open resource, so that each side - TI and the stalkers - can have a chance to speak up own mind rather than TIs getting killed under the massive propaganda by the perps. I know some readers of my blogs are TIs. I am sharing another aspect of my life to see if others are having similar problem or suggestions or not.

TIs contacting with other TIs are actually good. That is how Vietnam veterans healed their PTSD in the group counselling. It was in the book, A Patriot After All: The Story of a Chicano Vietnam Vet. (I met the author at DeAnza College, by the way)

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from stormguy110
Apr 22, 2008
Hi, I'm really sorry if i offended you. Also, i'm not stalking you or anything. I became interested in your videos when you interviewed the eritrean guys. I think one of the guys had a picture(symbol?) of mary, and you kept interrogating him why he have that picture. I actually speak Tigrigna(which is most eritreas language), and those guys felt disrespected by you. And then i kept watching your other videos... Again, when i said that you might have a mental problem, i didn't mean to insult you in any way. I think this is the best advice i can give you: Please dont have a camera pointing at any person. Its actually illegal to do than in the U.S. If you really feel that you have to do it, please be smart about it. Buy those hightech cameras where you can hide them in your clothes. my second best advice:- By now, i bet that many people told you that you have a mental problem. They could be wrong or they could be right. Have you ever went to a Psychiatrist in your life time? I dont think it would cost you anything. Please go there. I go to my doctor twice a year, and once to my dentist. And every year my doctor founds something wrong in my body. All i can say is, please please go to your doctor. Again, i dont mean to offend you and sorry if i did. have a nice day lady

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Re: Re: Hi
Apr 23, 2008
But dont you know that if you point a camera at any person, he/she would become more angry and might attack you for that reason. I think it would be better if you hide the camera for your own safety when you film. I dont believe in communism or other retarded systems, so please stop that stuff. I was just making suggestions. And if that makes you mad, i dont know what to say. When people give me opinions, i actually get happy. I dont know about you. Basically, the Eritreans that you encounter felt disrespected. As you know, 50% of Eritreans belong to the Orthodox Church. So those guys where christians. They might not know all the theology that comes with their religion, but they are followers. At the end one of the guys where saying to stop talking with you. From that video, it seemed that you where stalking them. You go to their places and film them. The other encounter you had with Eritreans was near the bus stop. That video makes it clear that you were stalking them. They dont even know what the heck you were talking about. Most of them dont even speak english. They where minding their bussiness. Anyways, be safe and have a good day!