06 May, 2008

Another letter to the Kanton police officers (Ms. Graf Morena and Mr. Gfr. Benjamin Finsterwald)

The above is the copy of my email to the two Kanton police officers in Aarau. I just sent them while I was in a Turkish restaurant in the Aarau Stadt. These are the ones you can find on the YouTube for the convenience of the viewers of my evidence. The difference is that these films are the original comes with the file information like dates.

Abkur seemed to move into the apartment on Gartensweg 19 after the renovation of the room was done. ANd today, he and other gang stalking members are in the lounge and inside of the property of Casa Torfeld I. Say, how offten this happens? I feel like I have been surrounded by the enemies. Well, more they do, more I have to work on my own self-deffense. People do not care about stalking or harassing others if they are not paid or really psycho (you know stalking is something we have seen in the characteristics of serial killers in mass media or movies, right?).

Abkur alrady said to me that "I kill you" and "One Bottle, you wanna have sex with me?"
And how come he can be able to visit where I live? For a victim, I submitted the issue of his stalking and other issues to the Kantonspolizei Aargau in Aarau branch.
If something happens to me in Casa Torfeld I, who will be responsible? Or if I kill one of them for my self defence while they attacked me in the whole group?
I think I have enough reason to share their information here and other places, so that they cannot claim me attacked them first. I do not like the Kanton Police to claim me for murdering in such situation. I think people should know what is going on in Buchs AG.
I have been telling the residents not to follow me or work on mobbing since last December. Why cannot I share their identities for my safety and the COINTELPRO operation?

If Abkur or Mara Alpha attack me in Casa Torfeld I where they lived and now moved out, who will be responsibel if one of them dead? I want to survive. If police are waiting for the opportunity to arrest me for whatever the claims these mobbers making, then I just want to share what is going on Casa TorfeldI Gartensweg 16, Buchs AG and around the Aarau and Buchs area in Switzerland.

If they are mafias that police cannot take care of, then let others know who is working in mafia in the local area. It is good for crime privention.

The below film shows how Italian speaking woman and others worked on mobbing. I think they are trained to threaten the refugees or trained in certain way. The woman mentions "No Money" and others explain her that does not work in my case (I pay my rent and such).Some of these residents like the Sli Lankan woman who lives in Rm3 are still in Casa Torfeld I. The woman, Hana in the room 13, too.This happened on February 19th and it was before I contacted with police about the vandalism in my room.http://www.mediafire.com/?mnetzwi8iy9
On February 20th, the next dy from the above incident, the same woman tried to make a phone call to the police. Actually, the Iraqi man living in Switzerland for 9 years is working togher with her in the film. He later came to my room with an electronic driver and bared the door with his foot.http://www.mediafire.com/?vymuwlxvcmthttp://www.mediafire.com/?0gqlva2gu2k
And this is a resident of the apartment on Gartensweg 19 working with the above Italian speaking woman for mobbing at the kitchen. Is he really a police officer? That is what the woman said before I turened on my video to record the conversation.http://www.mediafire.com/?bx9lcuzizokThere are fake US High Way Patrol enforcement car parked in the neighborhood, too.
This film shows how ex-chef, Mr. Thomas Kunz, explain about the Kanton police secret operation.http://www.mediafire.com/?dgxdom0dhei
If there is a secrete operation against me, I believe it could be a violation of Article 25 of Swiss Constitution.Due to the character assassination going on by the residents and neighbors, I just share my side of story to the public.For the victim of gang stalking, it is well said that their cases are not taken care by the police or government, so I am trying to see if it is a myth or real by sharing my case to other victims around the world. It was obviously enough that I could not file the case until I talked to a lawyer.


copsucker said...

keep up the fight miyoko. hope all is well. james m. g.