03 May, 2008

Plan to renew my homepage and so on.

When I created my Another Anti Multi Stalking Website, I did not think about the possibility of expanding it and just used the web template that could fit what I need. I put the information on the pre-made form, as you can see. Now I am thinking to upgrade it to a bit more with better visibility and userbility. It is still free domain, so I am not putting too much for everything. If I do so, I would rather write an 3-book. I do have a plan to write a book (it would be not free but will be cheap enough like buying a small bag of snacks) which contains more information integrated from the original information on my websites. I need to ask the immigration office about the option on foreign income and self-employement option for refugees. If you are a TI and want to move to Switzerland, please do not think you can do so after reading my experience. My situation is a bit different. How many internatioal students received a phone call from the US Army while studzing in colleges for recruitement, or asked to work in military in own country by the US government agents? By the way, the military service is different in Switzerland. It is mandatory for virtually all Swiss citizens. Probably that is how they survived during the two world wars to protect their own property and family.

Also, I might move to another place hopefully in next week or so. In that case, I might change profiles to protect the neighbors or others not yet to involve in the gang stalking. The good thing is that I can just push the current problem with Abukr and Mara Alpha to explain how I have been easily targeted by the local extremist groups. Switzerland offer residencies for millioners. In other words, if someone over 55 years old who has annual income of 100,000 CHF and plans to stay over 180 days per year, he or she is accepted to stay in Switzerland for retirement or whatever the reason. If you don't believe it, check this page. Just imagine how the rich will resonds to these extremist groups who are targeting foreigners could down the image against wealthy people who do not have a tie in their syndicate. The rich people may willing to pay the protection fees but they might reconsider coming to Switzerland for retirement with efforts to learn local languages and culture.

Because of my permit, I am ristricted to work in certain field in Switzerland. But I heard that if I receive income from abroad, that is exceptional. Like some rich "political asylum seekers" could receive income from their bank profits in their countries. Unfortunately, it won't fit in my case though. If I have over one million, I would get a company in this country to assure my life. I was simply planning to study in France - Université Paris Sorbonne - after I got kicked out from SJSU. So, I still have enough money to live without working. These days, I am working on German study as it is crucial for my survival and achieving C permit in Switzerland. While studying German, I could take online course to get diploma in something. I have foundamental knowlege in Engineering, American and British Literatures, Social Science fields including anthropolgy, sociology, psychology, etc. It is easy to push myself up in web based programs as I already got enough experiences and knowledge.

The bad news is... I must adopt myself into Swiss culture and say good-bye to the American style communication. I might be too frank in mz blog or other part of communication, but I guess I need to adopt myself a bit for Swiss culture. But, I guess I am much more conservative than the gang stalkers who are using the same strategies around the world. I do respect the religions of others unlike the stalkers who are making fun of the religious icons. I agree to pay Church Tax to support Catholics. And put enphasis on keeping Suday (not sabath day, stragnely) as the day to be off from the work (hopefully they do not ban study). Does anyone know that working on Suday is illegal in Switzerland? People need to have permisions to do so according to David Hampshire's Living and Working in Switzerland 10th ed. I did not know people must have a licence to watch TV or listen to radio or they would get fined by the inspectors.