04 May, 2008

Copy of EMAIL to Kanton Police in Aarau

This is the copy of what I wrote to Aagau Kanton police officers, Ms. Graf Morena and Mr. These evidences can be too crucial for the gang stalking (police informants) members, I share the same material to the viewers of my blog. Last time I tried to contact with authority (Homeland Security about SJSU gang case), the police officers involved in the gang stalking at SJSU kidnapped me. You can see if something happen to me after submitting me sending these information to police or not. If I can keep posting my entry, then you know I am doing fine. If not, this evidences can show who are responsible for my "disappearence."
Hello. I would like to submit some evidences about the organized crimes going on by Abkur, Mara Alpha and their friends. So far, their activities get worse after I reported the incident on vandalism of my room in the end of February. Due to the size of people involved, I guess that is enough to say as a gang group. I uploaded these films on the uploader for the convenience to save some space on your email account. They are the original files comes with the date and other information.
Since I have seen the residents stalking and harassing me often talking with police officers at Casa Torfeld I, I thought it was a type of COINTELPRO operation. I posted some information on websites in order to prevent the "character assasination" strategies by them. Actually, I tried and still trying what are recommanded by the author (the US lawyer) of the book, War At Home. Also, I learned some technique from the book writen by David Lawson (the US P.I.).
Abkur started stalking since last year. This is the film about how he was stalking since last year.

Abkur and some other residents often stalked me since I moved to the current residenece, and this is the conversation I made with Abkur telling him not to stalk me. It was December 29th 2007. Abkur has been telling lies about me and making rumors. You can hear how he switched the subject and started telling lie about me drinking at the train station. In fact, Abkur and others are often drinking at the train stations and at the residence.

Mara Alpha followed me from Casa Torfeld I to the train station and harassed me. I stated them not to stalk me but they did. As you can see from the date on my film, it was after the first incident.

Mara Alpha and another man who lives in Casa Torfeld I followed me to the train station. They claim about my filming, but if they did not stalk or harass me, I did not have to do so. You can see how they followed me ancd claiming not to film their "stalking activities." I submited some files to the ICC and the UNHCR in case if they have been involved in terroristic activites in their countries.
http://www.mediafire.com/?wy9hujnjzka (as you can see Mara Alpha just followed me and started disturbing my internet search on apartment.)

This is on March 3rd. I saw Abkur at the train station and leter Mara Alpha and others joined for the harassment. There is a woman sat on the bench pretending to be a passerby but she shaked hands with them after Abkur and others started spreading rumors about me there. If they are really police informants, then I can tell that they are the ones having "drinking" and other problems. If you watch the entire scene, you can hear Abkur trying to offer me the alcohol and asks me "One bottle, you wanna have sex with me."
http://www.mediafire.com/?wyngxzmnm1h - I filmed Abkur when he was walking around me and was going to leave the place.But later, he brounght others for the mobbing. Mara Alpha tried to steal my mineral water in one of the film you can see.

Abkur on surveillance at Aarau train station, March 3rd 2007. He sat in the bench inside of Aarau train station. On the second film, I told him not to stalk me.

The below films show the surveillance of the ex-residents of Casa Torfeld I at the Kanton library on April 4th 2008. They seemed to come to library and just stayed in the place near me. In comon sense, people visit library to read books or do researches. I felt that they did not even fit in the ordinary visitor image.The ex-resident and his friends working on surveillance at the Kanton library.

They started to take pictures for psychological NLP anchoring with camera.

There is another resident from Afghanistan at the library.
On April 14th, one of them showed up on the same place in the library.
I took this film on April 16th when I saw one of the ex-resident, Afghanistan man, was at the Aarau train station. My gramatical error on my speach is because of the psychological pressure from these organized stalkers appearence.

These are some of the evidences of gang stalkers in Aarau to Buchs area.
Thank you for the time,
Miyoko Goto