12 April, 2008

Involvement of Caritas in my case.

Caritas is one of the organization helping asylum seekers and it is Christianity based. I have been seeing some funny incidents that gang stalkers claiming them being working for either Caritas or Police. I do not much about how this organization itself is involved in my case. But my guess is that the organization is infiltrated by the extremists just like other organizations used by the stalkers.

It's about 2:30am in morning. Since I decided to expose information of the real extremists around me, I have less time sleeping at night in my keyless room surrounded by the rooms with stalkers. There is some rap noises from the ceiling area, and Room 8 (across from mine) and Room 6 have lights on. I have seen their room lights from the dark hallway. I just wanted to mention how things has been changed. Now, the perps really want to damage my PC. Like Somali guy talking about stealing my PC, the residents put some oils on the bathroom so that I might drop my PC by slipping over it. When I called police about the vandlism in my room? It was the end of February!!! And still the residents and others are working on mobbing and the stuff. It is better to tell what actually happening so that more people would not get involved with this. For that purpose, I decided to make OSAM series again. Yesterday was about Tibetans. And there was a nice money showing and dropping skits at the Migro's cahser while one of the Tibetan perp stood behind of me at the casher line. How do I know which Tibetans working for surveillance? Because they were my ex-classmates at Caritas free German lesson!

You can see my picture for the detail of which Caritas I had been attended for about 6 months. From the beginning, Max, the teacher, was working on the gaslighting. I think he got the stuff like some CIA agents do. I mean, the wireless radio which can send and receive the information. This one can be used for V2K, for TIs. Good example of his involvement is that he led one of the Eritreans took his class after the Eritrean group worked on that Our Lady of Guadalupe anchoring at the entrance of Caritas building. The Eritrean guy who helped to answer my question and changed the topic of “why does his friend have the picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe on his backpack for showing off.” I have not seen him in the class before and it was one and only time I saw this Eritrean man attended the class. Another case is like hunger anchoring and saving electricity. When I was eating my food like some bread and chips at the entrance table to prepare for the night class, Max came and said hello to me. Then he mentioned about the world hunger in the class. Another time was that when I was charging my PC for about half an hour before the class to use it in nearby Starbucks later, Max came and we made some small chat. Then he mentioned about the importance of saving power in the class and he turned off the room lights for the demonstration. I don't know how many TIs experienced gang stalking in classrooms, but I hope this one can show how gaslighting in classroom looks like.

I had several Turkish classmates as well as Tibetans including a boy. There are some others came with children and sat next to me or put the kid in front of me for letting him or her playing
there. Some of the residents came to the class also. I had Afghanistan guy who is already fluent in German sat next to me for several lessons. And the woman who is Tibetan couple with the boy in Room 11 was in Selita's class. She is fluent in French and said that she leaned it in Tibet. I do not know about others, but I have seen people like left-handed people like Portuguese woman and Turikan, the Chehenian who studied in England. I really do not understand why they tried to see if I have some kind of preference in the people who is left handed. I just trained myself to be able to be double-handed and use my left hand for some occasions for writing and other things. Actually, when I use my left hand, that is a bad sign for a teacher. When I got bored, I just use my left hand for taking notes to concentrate on improving my left hand use than the lecture.. Other occasion is like holding a pen on my right hand for taking notes while holding a highlighter on my left, so I do not have to put down one pen for working on notetaking.

One time, a man just walked into the Max's lecture and excused to open the closet in the room. At that point, he said to Max in English, “Police said, the refugee from Verlobe must leave.” At that time, the Turkish woman who lives in Terri said that she is from Basel. When I asked asylum in Genf, I was given the official government ticket to Verlobe, which is north west from there.

And if you watched the film the Sli Lankan woman shouting about herlsef as Korean and she got washingroom key from Caritas, you can see how these gang stalkers are abusing the name of the organization by using it as a good excuse for their cover.

At the asylum seeker meeting held on Tuesday and Thursday, I saw a mid-age woman who said she has the Green card and from Texas. I don't know why she was there in last June, but it is enough to concern about the pressure from some kinds of other organizations. The CIA often ask Americans living in the locals to do some favor for them including seducing a target. In “In Search of Enemies,” there is a good example of how American young couple asked to seduce a Russian in African country and later they got divorced from that issue.
Because of the local gang stalkers, I guess it is the same which German class I take lessons. What

I can do is to keep sharing the information about Eritrean extremists who once studied in Caritas and abused the image of the Virgin Mary inside of the Catholic church property. I have seen them again in other occasions.