10 April, 2008

“Weltweite Kampagne gegen die Schweiz”

It was the title of an article on the top page of News, a free newspaper in Switzerland.
Because of the Swiss ex-president agreeing to make a gas contract with Iran, the Israel lobby criticized it as funding terrorism. From my point of view, it is a good action. Europe is depended too much on Russian oil and gas. And Nato is doing somewhat questionable for Russians, like the missiles in Poland. For having a balanced energy resources from multiple places, it will bring a good competition among the traders. I do not see the point why some countries making trading with several countries producing the products. This may not an American way, invading a country with some conspiracies and take the resources under American companies.

And what happened in 1953? The CIA and SAS threw the Iranian government which was nationalizing the oil company. This sounds more like an activity of terrorists to me than a Swiss politician officially making a contact with a foreign government. Do you know that Switzerland has been the negotiator between the US and Iran after the US diplomatic connection with Iran corrupted? It is same for Cuba.

Why Iran is important? We must show some respect to other countries which has an official regislature and political system. Accusing other countries do not create a good relationship with them but war and terrorism. Maybe Americans accused too many countries since the end of WWII and that caused more terrorism against them. The CIA would love funding and infiltrating these potential terrorists for keeping their budget fat and pleasing the military industrial complex.

We all know that the US is targeting Iran. What if Europe and other countries make fair contract with Iran? The US would get careful looking for making an excuse for attacking Iran. They used “the weapons of mass destruction” conspiracy in Iraq and could not prove it. Then what the next propaganda will be. If the US allies are making fair trading with Iran, then it will delay or stop another bloody war.

Ms. Micheline Calmy-Rey has been in the Swiss politics for her whole life. She has been involved in most important decisions for Switzerland. It is not like a sloppy president just looking at resource from a 4 year college paper to believe Iraq had “WMS,” and start war against the country. While the US making the propaganda accusing Switzerland for supporting the terrorism, the US will have a presidential election. I am sure this accusation on Switzerland will stop the war against Iran during Bush regine. It is only half a year left for the election. If Ms. Calmy-Rey's action stop the possibility of American invasion on Iran, then some American would thank her for George W. Bush making another crime before his trial. To be a real neutral negotiator, it is crucial to stop a violence in some peaceful way. And I think that is what Switzerland is working about.

For the veil matter, I think it is a nice fasion for meeting with a president in a Middle-Eastern country. Some women love scarf and other head ornaments. Some Muslim women actually like covering their hair with some nice clothes. I heard that there is a fashion show for Muslim women clothes. I like Ms. Calmy-Rey's way of representing her hair in the white veil which is see-through. I just don't understand why some people cannot take it as a type of fasion rather than religious restriction. Nobody really claim a sister wearing veil in church at all, and why people only worry about Muslims? Or how about Indian men with their turbans?

I might write more about this topic later with some resources. But I got no time today as I am visiting Zofingen for another appointment I made to see the room for rent. When I called them last week, the owners weren't there and they offered me to make an appointment in this week. So, I am going out yesterday and today. Still no contact from the agency for Oftringen one. And the ad is still on homegate.ch. No reason why I have to look for another place and cancel that one. (and revealing which one I tried in here!)