08 April, 2008

Visiting the apartment and rooms to rent.

I heard that APK will reply me about my application for apartment in Oftringen this week. So far, I guess I have wait for some more time.
Tomorrow, I'm visiting a room for rent in a village... Yeah, they got one shop and post and bus stops. I am not sure about Internet connection. This is some exciting trip to use Postauto!

Then day after tomorrow, I will visit another apartment in Zofingen.

These are in case that my application turned down. They are for the alternatives.

I got Postcard this morning, the debt card for Swiss Post, not the one comes with picture of foreign country! They sent me 6 digit pin instead of 4 digit one. I don't know why the letter I had to pick up in the local post office was not sealed. Anyway, that was I got and this is what happened. The clerk at the Aarau post office said that I will get another letter separately.