03 April, 2008

So, what the anti-governmental extremists groups doing?

They are given the bread and circus. For the cheep entertainment, they are giving the victim to play with and even allowed to kill him or her without concern. They often use “suicide” claim to make the folks quiet about their murder. And often the victim chose that path by oneself. This is a favorite technique for FBI to oppress the opponents like MLK in the past, by the way.
The bread will be the property of the victim. If the victim ran away from their home, they can take the property and goods to clean up the place. This happened to my stuffs in my apartment in San Jose, CA. 760 N. 7th St. Rm 4219. San Jose CA 95112. I heard that the SJSU students took what I had in my room. The workers of the Pavona Apartment were working with the gang stalkers. They knew the kidnapping of my parents. Actually the parents disappeared after they visited the apartment. So, the gang stalkers would get some stuffs for their evil effort in return.
Why I want to share the information like this? Because, I think this is something against the humanity. Genocide is bad, everyone knows, right? How about discrimination on a powerless individual? That is something normal humang being who has sense of compassion would think. Gang stalkers are sociopath who loves torture and destruction. That is why they cannot achieve anthing except for getting reward for their inhumanity by their criminal bosses.

Be aware of the fake cops!!! I have seen gang stalkers claiming themselves police officers but they even not look like so. One example is the neighbor who comes to the refugee residence and eating with other refugees. What we can do to prevent being tricked by these fake cops is to get the evidences and ask for the ID. Pretending to be enforcement officers would violate some laws, you know.