28 April, 2008

Hello, can you hear me now? Hier ist T-Mobile Deutschland! Oooops..

Last Saturday, I visited Rheinfelden near the border to Germany to check the apartment. I took a bus to Frick and then took train to get there. While I was in Frick train station, I tried to connect Internet. No signal at the train station as you can see my picture below. It might be because the train station locates somewhat far from the city center which is about one or one and half a mile away.

At Rheinfelden, I visited the flat which is like an attic room. Place was good beside the disadvantage of the size of room and no lift. It was cool to see Germany across from the river. According to Wikipedia, the city of Rheinfelden was separated by Napoleon yet two cities continued to have strong ties for a long time. That sounds good to me as I was considered as a German spy by stupid SJSU linguistics major students who did not even know how to pronounce “S” of a word's first letter in German. Student, Stadt, später, these words have different pronunciation for “S” and that what I learned in Switzerland. At Aarau, I do not know why I have seen some “Fuck Nazis” grafties around but if gang stalkers there think someone like Germany is equivalence to the supporter of Nazis, then it is a bit off from what I expect to see in a neighboring country of Germany. The FBI supports Neo-Nazi movement, and when I sent an email with the link to an article showing how the FBI involved in the Neo-Nazi parade to Chancellor Merkel (or BND.. I might not sure which address I sent), the article was deleted. And the funny thing is that I have seen the FBI logo clothes among the local gang stalkers. Say, who is on the side of Neo-Nazis?

Anyway, at the Rheinfelden, I found my modem pick up the signal from T-Mobile Deutschland. I tried it at the restaurant along the river and at the center of old city near the apartment I checked out. In both place, there is only “T-Mobile D” was available and it could not go through after authorizing process of connection. Well, this probably means a good thing for the Germans who just visit the city for whatever the reason. Or, if Swiss side Rheinfelden is considered as part of a whole city just across from the river, the residents in Rheinfelden may get special offer from T-Mobile Deutschland. So far, I am not sure if T-Mobile is available in Switzerland. I have seen Swisscom, Sunrise, Orange as the major mobile companies here.

Ok, here is the view of the city and Germany!