11 April, 2008

A copy of some information.

Just in case I might need a dupricated copy of the residents list, I put it here for open resource concept.
My guess is that some of the people are not really refugees and just visited the place for skits.
I just keep it here for others who might be interested to see. That is something you can see if you visit my place and say hello just like the friends of the residents.
I have seen non-residents calling me "one bottle," so I guess this is something I can do to make it even to mock them back.
Let's see if they are really refugees or not!
For their individual skits and gang stalking activities, check out my YouTube films.

I sent email to the Aargau Kanton police officer to ask if I can get a copy of the report I made against the Somali guy and Guinean guy. When I talked with a clerk at Interdiscout in Aarau, she told me that the police should give me a copy of report. I don't know if they are ignoring all the order from the beginning, then you might put a COINTELPRO conspiracy on my case.
Guess what? Swiss Constitution Article 25 prevents illegal forced deportation. I don't know how things will turn out, but keeping Opean Resource Police would do some good on my case.

And hey, actually the damage on my screen made me enough to motivate me to do all the work to complete individual lists and their activities and roles in my case since last December!!!
I have lost everything in the US and these drunk refugees have been working for the false accusation and found fault of me in the shape of mobbing since the beginning of last May when I moved to the current address.

If something happens to me, then you can imagine who is responsible for it from the list and my writings. I practiced Iaido, the way of Japanese Sword, but say a Swiss Army knife is a bit small for using my sword technique! :) But if something reallz happens, I know how to keep my soul noble as a Samurai. My grandma's family line is from warrier class...