22 April, 2008

Hello. Can you hear me now? Good. - at Lenzburg

I visited Lenzburg yesterday to see the apartment. It was pretty quiet place except for the construction going on across from the building. After the meeting with the owner, I ate my late meal (yeah, meal for today) at Migros Restaurant in the shopping mall. It was my first time to try their buffet. Somewhat the place was crowded with middle age to elderly customers. I think that would be for either gang stalkers or people hanging around for rainy day. The food was pretty good. In Switzerland, foods are somewhat expensive, so the price for 18.00 CHF would be reasonable for this meal. One main course, one dessert, a small glass of juice. I know I can save a lot of money when I can get a place to stay and can cook without gaslighting. 1kg of pasta is about 2.00 CHF. 1kg of rice is about 1.25CHF. Add these carbs in my diet with costly meats and veggies, it would be a lot cheaper for daily level. I skipped eating yesterday, I just got something good today.

After my meal, I tried to use Internet from the restaurant. My purpose was to see if I can play the “Verison Guy” role. Check the Internet connection from a rundom place and see if it works or not.
At Migros Restaurant in Lenzburg, it worked pretty good. If you got Wifi modem, you can hook your PC up anywhere in Switzerland. I tried it from outside, and it worked pretty well for the first time. And the above is the pictures.


Anonymous said...

See Please Here

Anonymous said...

you are crazy in a good way.

JaneBauer (Miyoko Goto) said...

The problem of my monitor is not a computer virus but some kinds of physical damage happened on the bottom of the monitor frame. I have up-to-date European-made virus scan software.

Aut insanit homo, aut versus facit. Das ist mich. Ecce homo! ;)