17 April, 2008

Mara Alpha stood on my path at Casa Torfeld I

This afternoon, I saw Mara Alpha stood in front of my way and started harassing me on taking picture. Say, I am and I have been collecting the evidence of their mobbing. You can see in my film that I only shoot them when they are working on some kinds of skits or I saw them in funny places like in the library or trainstation as if they followed me. How often people like these residents show up in my life? Becasuse I quit using kitchen, they now have limited places like bathroom and shower room for harassment. I saw some ex-residents at Aarau Kanton library and the train station. Abkur and Mara Alpha actually came to the train station sometimes to harass me. I was there while they showed up later.

If they think I was taking pictures of them for no reason, they should not visit the place where I was. Stalking is the exact word what htey are doing.

And here is the film about today. You can see the kids are slso working for these gangs.