13 April, 2008

How a targeted refugee's life in Aarau area, Switzerland

Since the residents in Casa Torfeld I, II and the people living near Gartensweg in Buchs AG are working on character assasination against me. I have been hearing strangers talking about how they justify their stalking or harassment. How often a person see a bunch of young teens talking shouting about the city name like “Aarau” and working on harassment toward a stranger? The kids bullying at McDonald's were shouting like “This is my McDonald's” and was interrupting my Internet research to find a lawyer. The people often working on mobbing or street level surveillance on me in Aarau area often have city flags or other specific objects like WindBaum or rosary on the rear view mirror. They might be told to work on surveillance against me because they are told that I am criminal, sex-offender, child molester, shoplifter, or something unsuitable for the neighborhood.

At Casa Torfeld I, I have been experiencing the residents working on psychological abuse written in David Lawson's Cause Stalking, and other anti-gang stalking websites. The residents have been frequently interrupt my study at my room. They knocked my door and suddenly start accusation like they accused me of stealing the oil they put on the hallway or toilet mess. Non-residents are even shouted at me for accusing stealing her boots. I have no idea why she was cooking at the kitchen or bringing an extra shoes to visit Casa Torfeld I. At the Aarau Kanton Bibliothek, the ex-resident who is a friend of Abukar Dalow Abshir, the Somali refugee, working on taking picture skit with his friends. The woman who wore a broken rosary on Christmas last year stated herself as Christian in my recording. When I talked with the Kantonspolizei Aargau officer Mr. Benjamin Finsterwald, he told me the possibility of her as “Voodoo.” At that first meeting, he told me that I must talk with the chef before file a report. It was like I must come to the police with the chef to file the case. Actually, the ex-chef, Mr. Thomas Kunz, left the job in the middle of February and some others showed up in the manager's office after that. When I talked about the difficulty of catching a chef to talk with at Casa Torfeld I, Mr. Finsterwald said that Mr. Kunz would return to his job in next week. I do not know why Mr. Finsterwald knew the name of Mr. Kunz, though.

After the meeting with the lawyer with an interpreter for German communication, I visited Aargau Kantonspolizei building with the interpreter. This time, the police officer, Ms. Morena, typed up the case and I signed several papers. Then she told me not to talk about the reporting to anybody and said that the people might do the revenge on me if they knew I filed them for charges. She also said that the police cannot help me once I went out from the building.

In InterDiscount, a clerk told me that I can talke to the police about “Versicheung (insurance)” for the damage caused by Hara Alpha, the Guinean refugee who is originally started calling me “One Bottle.” The clerk also told me that when someone file a report to a police, he or she would get a copy of it. When I filed the report with Ms. Morena, she asked me to sign my name in Alphabet rather than in Japanese. I am not sure what is going on in Kantonpolizei, but I got enough evidence that people working around me are following the theories of both COINTELPRO and “Cause Stalkers.”

If my nicknaming of the gang stalkers in Casa Torfeld I and other places made them to use “One Bottle” for harassing me, I do not mind calling them in their real names in my evidences. I was trying to protect their identities but if that is something they did not like, I guess I should respect them to call their names in my films. To back up my statements, I have the films. I filmed them in the public places and the area that stalkers are using camera for their skits. If they want to claim me filming them, then I can say that they actually did the same in the places like Aargau Kanton Bibliothek, Aarau Bahnhof, and so on. You can see my name and my address on my profile, so they cannot blame me hiding my names or something. For documentary films and showing the real community based COINTELPRO-like operation in the 21st century, I think it is using real names sounds better. If they did not harass me and if the police officers are acting somewhat strange, I do not have to share more information with others. I have been proving what is discussed in many anti-gang stalking websites and some books.

I have been surrounded by the people blaming me for something they are told or deluded to believe. What is written in the “Self Defence,” the famous Swiss book? It teaches people to be aware of listening to propaganda and lies others' giving them to believe. The gang stalkers are often too deluded to believe in the crime they commited as if their target person did. Hara Alpha actually tried to steal my food one day while I was dining at the kitchen, then he offered folks and dishes to other residents like the Sli Lankan refugee, Rajanoram Chitranneni? (or Rajaratnam K.). And later Hara Alpha came and said to others that he saw me stealing food. I do not even using the shelves and the refrigerator since someone changed the contents of my Napolitan pasta source to tomato puree. It happened around July or August.

I don't know why Mr. Benjamin Finsterwald asked me to move to another refugee residence instead of finding an apartment on my own. When I talked with the Japanese interpreter, she also suggested to move to a refugee center with 24 hour level security. I lived in Vallorbe and Chiasso, so I know what 24hour secured place look like. In Vallorbe, the entrance door was locked. In Chiasso, we could go out in during certain period in morning and afternoon. They had check-in and check-out process and came with a body check at the entrance. Some belongings are restricted there. I got my digital camera and PC back on the day I was designed to transfer to kanton Aargau. Probably, letting me to willing to live in such place would be the best way for the gang stalkers to avoid further expose of their identities to the public. Without PC or camera, it would be hard for me to get the evidences. If the stalkers stop harassing me, then there is no need for me to expose them. Unfortunately, the cause stalkers are mostly mentally ill (like David Lawson says) and they cannot stop their obsession on the target. On YouTube videos, you can hear tSomali guy saying “I take your computer” and “I kill you.” This is one of the guy on loose in Aarau area. Yesterday, Hara Alpha was in the apartment on Gartensweg 19 and shouted “One Bottle.” Guess what is going on by the Aargau Kantonpsolizei. They just let these guys who assaulted me and working on mobbing in both public and at Casa Torfeld I keep doing that.

By the way, the police I had to call using a customer's mobile phone from the nearby Turkish restaurant was from Lenzburg. Two officers came and one of them is Graf. Ruhland. I do not know how many police officers are being bribed by the extremist groups not taking care of the gang stalking victims cases just like Sgt. John Laws of San Jose State University police department said, but I just keep everything clear here. The incident happened on the last Thursday of February. After the police officers left, Hara Alpha, the Guinean refugee lives in Casa Torfeld I, banged the screen of my room window. There are mobbing going on by the residents and they have been contacting with police several times. I do not know how I have been”boxed” by the anti-government extremist groups. If there are possibility of terrorists in Switzerland, then I guess these organized harassers protected by the police seems to be involved in. That is the reasonable explanation for why police cannot file them.

If cause stalking is a type of COITELPRO, then the police would wait until I get mental problem from the residents' and local gangs' mobbing, or wait for me to get too much frustration to commit a crime.

Well, if I am really frustrated, I would share more information about the CIA and the US secrets. How about the secret behind why SJSU hosting the US national Olympic team and someone teaching Chinese culture to the athletes? It is about someone who was in China while Tienanmen broke out. I would rather to hold this issue as the EU is on the support of Tibetans. I do care about the national interest of the country I live and “the countries” I like. And I hope there would be a second meeting between German chancellor Merkel and Dalai Lama in future. If gang stalkers want me to commit a crime, I would do something legal and make damage on the gang stalkers themselves. If the United States thinks EU nations as their allies, then they should let me be alone! :)