23 April, 2008

Now I need to fix my digital camera.

I do not know what really happened to my old camera. It was working until last September or October, then it had problem on the monitor. It was completely blank and white out. When I took pictures, and diaphragm was not working. I figured out the monitor was OK several months after I bought a new camera.

Well, I do not know what happened to the current one since the way back from Brugg. It was working until I filmed the view from the train up to Rappersville. After that I found out the camera got some vibration on the monitor and seemed having trouble focusing things.

It was a funny day, indeed.

First, I found another contivercial ad (SVP) on the billboard. Then, I traveled to Brugg to see the apartment. I saw another guy showed up to check the place out and took picture with flashes. I was taking the picture of NGO group office in front of the apartment when I saw the immo agent walk down the street toward me. When I met the agent, another man showed up and they talked in German. We went into the apartment, and found out the room was on renovation. The guy took pictures of several areas of the room. I took film of him doing so as I think I saw him working on gang stalking before in Aarau. The guy made a joke about "jail" and the repairman commented that where the real "jail" is. I am not sure how gang stalkers are actually using the excuse of refugees as criminals who commited crime in their country and they ran away to another country. (In my case, I exposed CIA agents' names to authorities in several countries including Syria and Iran. If the agencies did not kidnapped me, I did not see the agents at all. It was not my fault. They approached me first.) I heard that explanation from the Japanese translator I hired to talk to the lawyer. Well, for more information about the skit happened in the room, check out the film below. Yesterday, I visited a room in Aarau Bahnhofstrasse 92, and I saw a couple - the woman wore a yellow jacket with Russian logo on the corner. And they had a typical car which perps usually own for brighting.

I am not sure how much my life is controled. Say, my PC monitor got damage from somewhat wierd way. It reminds me of the complaiants of Mr. Friedman in Sonoma. It was about 2:30pm after I visited the room. I tried to glab some meal for today. I walked around the city to pick a rundom place to get meal. I found a place seemed serve pizza. Then I walked in and sat, and figured out it was "Cafe Piazza." Well, I walked out since they did not have food except ice cream or drinks. Then I visited the Restaurant Brasserie Gambrinus in the basement. If you see the picture, you can see I checked that they serve pizza from 11 o'clock. It was about 4:30pm. When I went in and asked the clerk for the menu, she told me that they serve pizza from 6 0'clock. So, I left the place as there was only drinks available at that moment. Why pizza? I guess that is what I saw on the ground floor of the apartment in Aarau yesterday. I took picture of the restaurant and the sign to make sure they open from 11:00 Uhr.

Because of this incident, I thought to travel to Zuerich to get some good meal for today's trouble. I submitted the application for yesterday's place to make sure I am not waiting only one answer from the apartment in Lenzburg. And because of the stresses, I thought having a good meal would work as a stress reducer in my case. But when I was at the train station, I got stomack problem. It usually happen at night at the refugee residence and usually there is some residents at the entrance or in the bathroom for synchronizing even around 3:00 am or 4:00 am.

I decided not to visit Zuerich for only having a meal. The gang stalkers at Brugg probalby made up making report that I entered a bar for a drink (it was for lunch and I went out) and having masturvasion at the bathroom (again, I had sudden stomack problem).

Then, on my way back, my camera suddenly got problem. I know the perps got nervous since I filmed a good camera skit today. If the restaurant or the man was working for the gang stalking, then I can understand why they wants to "tamper" my camera and PC. But my camera got some problem and it is a fact for today.