16 April, 2008

Somaliian Guy lives in Gartensweg 19

It seems Abukr moved out from Casa Torfeld II. But he now lives in the top floor of the apartment next to Casa Torfeld I.
Well, the police may say he moved out from Casa Torfeld II. How about the neighbors and the residents of Casa Torfeld I helping his hate crime activities like mobbing and stalking?
Check this video. The neighbors use Abukr's girl friend's Daihatsu black SUV. And you can see how the residents of Casa Torfeld I are communicating with Abukr when I go out. You know, I have no room key and these guys can do whatever they want while I am out.
Also the neighbors, they can do any false testimony in return to the help from Abukr's gang group.

By the way, I received reply from Graf. Morena, the Aargau Kantonspolizei officer in Aarau. She wrote that she has to interview Abukr. Well, the first time I called police about the vandalism in my room was the end of February. And they started more agressive skits and damaged my PC. It was after I contacted with police.
Because of no improvement in my situation, I started exposing names of the people involved in the mobbing. I talked with the adviser(lawyer) at HEK, and hired a lawyer, and the police now made a report. Now what?