26 April, 2008

Hello. Can you hear me now? Good. - At Wettingen.

I visited a room for rent in Wettingen today. The place was a bit surprise as it was just middle of Wettingen train station and Baden train station. The room had a huge but very low ceiling strage room. The living space was small but the bathroom was good at least. If I moved into that one, I might put the sleeping bag in the strage room during the day. Well, I mean, the room had a kitchen and bathroom and some closet in the middle and no more space for a bed. 660CHF for that. It would be a good choice for someone trying to get a job in Zürich to Baden. Well, I might submit the contract since it is two blocks from a catholic church, but it would be on next week to figure out how my application to Lenzburg and Aarau one goes.

After visiting the room, I tried the Wifi connection outside of the apartment. It worked extremely well - five bars from that location!

I got Pizza anchoring and Kebab thing today. I walked into a restaurant and ordered day's special. The clerk asked me if I want a bread, and I nodded. Then, four young people walked in to the restaurant and one of them ordered a kebab and other three ordered pizza. Then Indian couple wearing black top and blue jeans, very similar to the one I saw on surveillance when I visited the apartment in Baden, walked in and got seat near the entrance. There were one guy drinking beer on the table and a woman sat on another seat. These two did not go out even after I left, by the way. The young people's pizza came first and then later the clerk brought me my poulet curry with the bread (the one for kebab).

I have not cooking meal because of the harassers in the residents. And I guess this is the good opportunity for the gang stalkers to feed me radioactive contaminated (or hyper-irradiated) foods. I know it would be a coincidence if the clerk forgot bringing me food for 30 minutes and the bread was just like the one for kebab.

But I have seen gang stalkers surrounding me for almost 24hours. When I wake up, I saw some in the residence. When I travel by train, I ride with some perps. When I check the room for rent, I saw the room with the perps!!! In such a situation, I feel like it is normal to doubt any strange thing happens around me.

It was Friday afternoon and there were few reasonable price restaurants open after 6pm. And the perps have network in everywhere. After I went in to the restaurant, I saw the young people looking at me from the outside. And they ordered pizza. Then, the bread thing was something obvious to me. I ordered a plate of curry and will it come with bread? If stalkers thought me order kebab, they would use the bread for whatever the poisoning or causing high risk of cancer by irradiation. Yesterday, I ordered ram kebab with a wrapper.

When I ordered farafel in the restarurant I visited yesterday, the clerk gave me a regular kebab instead. I know Interdiscount is working for gang stalking, and there are some stalking members in Migros and COOP as well.

In such situation, it is hard to think anything funny as a coincidence.

The good thing is that because of the mobbing by the residents, I can actually claim them for giving me psychological damage an dtrauma. The definition of mobbing actually states about the possiblity of psychological damage on the victim. Hey, that means if I really pixxed off and wanted to expose everything, I guess I can do so without hesitation! I contacted HEK, the Department für Gesundheit unt Soziele, the Kantonspolizei, lawyers. I did everything I could do and they just left these harassers around me. If they claim me of mental problem, then I can actually claim it was caused by the mobbing and stalking by these residents and their extremist friends!!! I reported some of them to the police, and I am the VICTIM.

How about gathering everything that perps said to me and show their identities in one list? It can tell how many actually suggested me to go to hospital streight forward. Too bad, I studied phychology and I know what is good for keeping my mental health. Instead of visiting a hospital, I can just spread everything to feel better under the stress and psychological pressuer from the harassment, and then I can explain how that happened and why spreading works well to reflesh myself. I learned this from Zen Buddhism, part of eastern philosophy class knowledge.

If you want to see how the real stalker look like, check the film below. One of the most significant stalking evidence. I was filming the view from the train and when I got back to Aarau trainstation, I saw ex-resident (White Cap Guy, a friend of Abukr and Mara Alpha) standing outside of the window!!!


AJH said...

I read your blog most every day, and as a TI, it all has so much commonality with my experiences. I am at tiworld.blogspot.com


JaneBauer (Miyoko Goto) said...

Hi, John.
I sometimes read yours too. It is nice to see other TI keeping blog for a long time. Some readers like to dig up some past entries randomly.
I think one of the weakness of "perps' culture" is that they use same technique and propaganda in whatever or wherever they work. That is something I like to learn from other victims' sites.