18 April, 2008

Got Internet access from home.

I bought Sunrise wireless "Take A Way" modem few day ago. I made some deposit and had some problem of transaction of the money to the activation of the modem.

However, when I tried to check the network, it worked! I was expecting to visit the Sunrise shop tomorrow again, but it is good that I can keep the Aarau Kanton librarians away from working with the gang stalkers harassing me.

The modem is fast enough like the regular Wifi on train station or hotels. Aarau Kanton Bibiothek has much faster connection, but I think it is an exception.

I do not know how Silicon Valley folks use Internet. Some places like that Sony amusement park in San Francisco have free Internet connection for guests. But heere in Switzerland, you can get 30 min. free net surfing at McDonald's and 1 hour free at big train stations. For travelers, I think this information is useful as they can just turn on their PC in these areas rather than looking for Internet or Telecom shop in German/French/Italian language.

Now, check out what I got for my Wifi Modem. It's small enough to say like the size of USB memory device. The clerk said that it can be used above the mountain but might have problem with the connection. I am not interested to try this on the Swiss mountains, but I am curious if someone really try that famous "Hello? Can you hear me now?" Verizon Wireless guy's role.

So far, if something happens in this refugee residence and I have time before police arrives, I could upload evidences while waiting them. I hope the drunks living in the neighborhood really do not end up dead in my room after try to vandalize my room again. Yeah, this is the possibility and I am aware of the importance of my self defence.