09 April, 2008

Importance of identifying the stalking members

It is very important to get the information of the stalking members. In organized crimes, they often tend to find a scapegoat for their wrongdoing. Remember what happened to the aftermath of the Katalina incident, only Mike Brown of SOMA was blamed while others remained unpunished.

If you are sure that you are targeted by group of people for possible false accusations and false testimonies, you must consider to spread their plan for preventing their crime against you.
In one neighborhood, it is possible that some people might be bribed to work on false testimonies. Or in a workplace, the company might rewarded others for putting one worker for all the problems in that section. If you know there is mobbing going on, the best way to prevent further problem is to expose them to the public. If you are a black and targeted by whites or non-black folks, you may use “racial card” for your excuse on exposing the mobbing.
If the mobbers are civilized and educated folks, they should consider stop doing so. Otherwise, their further actions will be exposed continuously. This is what Black Panther members came up and protected themselves from the possible assassinations by the opponents invented by the FBI.

If you are a tough target and continue exposing the stalkers, you might notice the change of their attitudes. You might get the same stalkers in your evidences, you can sue the individual stalkers for the organized crime. Or you can report it to the police and share the information that they are the criminals.

For the gang stalking victims, it is important to share the information and identities of the stalking members. Organized crime must be considered seriously in our society. Since 911, everyone (except China) must be aware of terrorism. The allies of the United States must take organized crimes and gang activities more serious than regular individual level crimes. Why? Because, a large group would be hired by foreign terrorist easily than a single person. If a foreign terrorist group funds the gang group, they would not know where their money comes from and they may not consider about the orders their leader told them to do. Say, if someone asks several members to send boxes to several cities, they probably do so because traveling cities for extra bucks is a piece of cake. It is too late that these deliverers blew ones' body with hundreds of people in rush hours. Gang stalkers are bunch of gangs.

And think about how hard to make an individual to become a terrorist. For one individual person, he might question the contents of the box if a stranger asked him to deliver it to a city. There is no peer pressre, so he can question it without hesitation. Also, there is no competition like the group members have from each other. He can feel free to take a small job or not. If your friends get a offer of several hundred bucks for delivering a small box to certain place not far from where they are, you woud consider earning some money like your friends do, don't you? It does not matter how much the bit will be since the bit will never claimed by the deliverers who will be dead after the delivery.

What happened to the firefighters who supposed to clean up the mess in the WTC? Why the building blew up from the bottom right after they moved in with some devices? I am not talking about deadly delivery here. But I cannot stop thinking about the involvement of public officers like policemen and firefighters in gang stalking. If there was no bomb in the buildings before the airplanes clashed into them, then where were the bombs that engineers and architects are talking about for conspiracy?

Today, I'm gonna take a nice Postauto trip to Zeihen, a small village north of Aarau. Countryside may remind me of that fancy outskirt of Weimar where Goethe often took a walk. They have a Catholic church too, so I might have chance to pray.

By the way, I have been dining at McDonald's for the convenience of not meeting perps at the kitchen. These days, I found something funny going on there besides seeing the neighbor and other regular perps. I wonder why they now using someone resemble to I have a trauma of... At the counter, I had hard time keeping not to laugh at her... Well, this time, they really tried to find some one more resemble to ... well... anyway, I guess this is their third challenge finding someone like that after a left-handed Chechen German teacher(right hand disabled) and a refugee from Eastern Europe. I guess they really having problem claiming me for sex-offender or something similar. I hate kids and they now realized the impossibility of claiming me as a pedophilia. Yes, I did own a 14 year old girl's autopsy video in my PC when I stayed in San Jose, but that was not a porno. You could get one at UCB book store! Then now the perps are sticking to that hyper-sexual assistant professor's image. I was fucxxng scared after I was raped and being encountered with the CIA, so I agreed to marry with a woman. Otherwise, I am not into someone who sleep around to get an opportunity to blackmail them. Who wants to marry with a sex agent? Not me. Someone attending church on Sunday is not definitely a type to do so. I am wondering that if I put their pictures and that professor's together, it would show how much they improved to find much similar person in chronological order. What a fun from the perps..